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Sydney Survivor – Season 2
Welcome to our Sydney Survivor Season 2 fundraising campaign! Igniting the Spirit of Adventure: We're thrilled to invite you to. . . . .
20 Donors
AU$2,800 raised
112% funded
Creation website – Women in Mining & Engineering [WMEWA]
Hi community, Please help us create a website for Women in Mining & Engineering WA (WMEWA), a non-profit organisation. Cost. . . . .
16 Donors
AU$1,175 raised
78% funded
Fundraising for Maheen’s Cancer Treatment (Phase II)
September 2023 Phase II: Fundraising for Maheen's Cancer Treatment Maheen was diagnosed with Stage 3B cancer on September 19, 2022.. . . . .
26 Donors
CA$3,559 raised
10% funded
Raising funds to support and organize with Chinatown migrant workers!
Friends of Chinatown Toronto (FOCT) is raising funds to support and organize with migrant workers! Over the past year, FOCT’s. . . . .
32 Donors
CA$2,653 raised
13% funded
VISEO solidarity for Morocco
Hello everyone, Our thoughts are with the Moroccan people, and we offer our unwavering support, particularly to our colleagues and. . . . .
129 Donors
€7,090 raised
14% funded
Projet humanitaire
ses fons seront ensuite utilisés pour créer des projets humanitaire sur aussi Europe pour aider les gens à se
3 Donors
€34 raised
Empowering Gaza Homes with Solar Energy
Empowering Gaza Homes with Solar Energy Introduction: The ongoing electricity challenges in Gaza have significantly impacted the quality of life. . . . .
24 Donors
€1,768 raised
9% funded
Save Kodak’s life – emergency vet treatment
Three days ago, my partner David, I, and our beloved cat Kodak embarked on a journey from Prague to Berlin,. . . . .
69 Donors
€806 raised
90% funded
Friends of Purnyotara
Purnyotara Radhika devi dasi (Shukla Gain) is from Bangladesh. As her family’s sole breadwinner/financial earner, she was working in Hong. . . . .
35 Donors
HK$67,334 raised
33% funded
undergoing treatment for rottweiler
Meet Bella who is suffering from megaesophagus possibly myasthenia gravis Bella is a gentle, sweet and playful 3 years old. . . . .
50 Donors
HK$32,700 raised
16% funded
Seeking Support to Overcome Financial Hardships
Assalamu Alaikum, My name is Md Abul Hussain. I find myself in a challenging situation due to business losses that. . . . .
0 Donors
$0 raised
Restoration of Church construction, fellowship house and Bible class room
Dear all community/people, The reason why the fund raising is to construct the Church, fellowship house and Bible class room.. . . . .
0 Donors
$0 raised
Elvi Vergara
Elvi Vergara is a domestic helper who has been allegedly physically, mentally and verbally abused by her employers so much. . . . .
871 Donors
₱1,033,569 raised
344% funded
Help Keep the Beat: Save Jet’s Heart
Hi! My name is Jigette Francia E. Alvarez. I’m a 24-year old breadwinner who lives in the Philippines. I am. . . . .
28 Donors
₱175,500 raised
11% funded
Show Your Love to Jackie (a Muscular Dystrophy Patient)
Dear kind souls, Recently, I find myself going in and out of the hospital more frequently as I vomited blood. . . . .
19 Donors
SG$8,786 raised
2% funded
Support Singapore National Golfer, Aloysa Atienza, to turn professional!
We are thrilled to launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the extraordinary journey of Singapore's national golfer, Aloysa Atienza, as. . . . .
10 Donors
SG$7,000 raised
23% funded
South Africa
Akasia Avenue Foundation
A short history of where it all began - Over the past 17 years of my life, I have been. . . . .
32 Donors
R19,070 raised
38% funded
Help Arielle pursue an exciting Education opportunity in Sweden!
Hello everyone! My name is Arielle Chibunga, aged 15. I am a Grade 10 learner currently schooling at Pretoria Technical. . . . .
8 Donors
$590 raised
36% funded
Save lives and create an amazing travel destination!
Bosofet Beach and Creek Lodge is a lodge on a beach in Sanyang, The Gambia. It was set up by. . . . .
13 Donors
kr3,550 raised
6% funded
Help with Teeth and sickness
rD I'm in big need to fix my is really emergency. I have to fix so many things and. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
United Kingdom
Bourne Community College Ghana Trip 2024
Hi, I'm Dylan and I am raising money for a volunteering trip to Ghana with my school and Plan My. . . . .
16 Donors
£567 raised
33% funded
Help Us Plant “Trees for Tomorrow” in Guyana!
HELP US PLANT "TREES FOR TOMMOROW" IN GUYANA! By Yvonne Dennis, BSc; MES. 12 October 2022 A QUICK LOOK! We're. . . . .
7 Donors
£486 raised
4% funded
United States
Help Ricky Breathe
Father Ricky Gerena has been a staple of our community for decades. He has always shown how kindness and dedication. . . . .
105 Donors
$16,470 raised
82% funded
Help Me Investigate Court Corruption in Orange County and Southern California
In 2019, I wrote this article, In it, I described Donna McCracken's case from Orange County, "While little can. . . . .
110 Donors
$10,876 raised
72% funded