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Emergency help for Imad and his family in Gaza
I am fundraising on behalf of my friend Imad and his family. This is his story: Hello, my name is. . . . .
25 Donors
$3,573 raised
21% funded
Help Me Change The Lives of Those Living in FIJI
I'm beyond excited to share some incredible news with you—I have the opportunity to participate in a two-week voluntary nutrition. . . . .
4 Donors
AU$320 raised
10% funded
Help Edith beat her medical bills!
Hi! It's Nina here, and I'm fundraising for my dear friend Vida who has to pay a large bill for. . . . .
2 Donors
AU$150 raised
3% funded
Help Tabletop Gaming
I have always loved tabletop gaming and have gained a talent in miniature crafting and painting. The funds will go. . . . .
0 Donors
AU$0 raised
Travel To Australia in 2024
Time is Running Out a Dollar from you is Very Much Appreciated. A Dollar funded in this Campaign is Very. . . . .
0 Donors
AU$0 raised
Rui (Roy) Pimentel's Family Fundraiser
It is with deep sadness I am putting together this campaign for my best friend Keri, in hopes of inspiring. . . . .
51 Donors
CA$9,555 raised
63% funded
Help Us Overcome Our Lemon Car Nightmare
The discovery: Life sometimes throws curveballs, and our recent experience purchasing a mini van for our family has tested our. . . . .
5 Donors
CA$1,450 raised
5% funded
✦ WELCOME TO THE METAMORPHOSIS ✦ ✦ Like a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes... we are Ready to Reignite the. . . . .
9 Donors
CA$799 raised
To Play Basketball in Germany and Austria
Hi, my name is Jade. I've been playing basketball since grade 5. I enjoy playing the game so much that. . . . .
4 Donors
CA$255 raised
2% funded
I need help to pay my bills and get out of debt
I am at a crossroads in my life, longing for retirement but trapped in a financial nightmare. I'm burdened with. . . . .
13 Donors
CA$158 raised
Aidez-nous à fuir le cauchemar de Gaza !
Je lance cette campagne un peu comme une bouteille à la mer. Je suis une Française de 76 ans, retraitée. . . . .
18 Donors
€2,400 raised
9% funded
Help Heather help an orphanage in Gondar and get an electric wheel chair there
My name is Heather, I am a mother of 3 children and 2 dogs, wife of a great husband living. . . . .
20 Donors
€1,685 raised
168% funded
Made Subandi’s friends
Made Subandi’s friends Support the Legacy of a Gamelan MaestroFundraiser for the Subandi Family Dear friends around the world, I. . . . .
9 Donors
€919 raised
7% funded
12 Hour Race Sciences Po Reims
Join us on April 21, 2024 at the Parc de Champagne as hundreds of students gather in unity to fight. . . . .
7 Donors
€230 raised
5% funded
Hamas humanitaire
MSes fons humanitaires seront ensuite utilisés pour créer des projets humanitaires pour les palestiniens. il a besoin de produits médicaux
3 Donors
€34 raised
Support for farmers from Europe
Farmers fight for the interests of society! The collection was established to support the activities of protesting farmers from Berlin. . . . .
1 Donors
€20 raised
Pet rescue
There are animals in need of help, like small animals to help, we are the organization of civil rescue animals.No
0 Donors
€0 raised
Middle East conflict: Emergency aid for families in Gaza
The humanitarian emergency in the Middle East is getting worse by the day. In the Gaza Strip , more than. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
CareForGaza Supporting Displaced Families in Gaza
Hello, my name is Mattias, I am 29 years old, Motivated by the need to help, I decided to create. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
Help Me Finish My Education and Rebuild My Life
Hello everyone, My journey has been one of persistence, struggle, and striving against the odds. It began when I was. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
Angel Balladares - in loving memory of Captain Angel.
In loving memory of Captain Angel. A trusted captain and more importantly trusted friend to many. Organised by colleagues and. . . . .
56 Donors
HK$117,851 raised
39% funded
Help Asylum Seeker Family Lay Their Husband & Father to Rest
On December 20, 2023, Buhary Hilmy, a loving husband and father, passed away at the age of 58 after a. . . . .
22 Donors
HK$9,850 raised
49% funded
Hope Children’s Home Orphanage
Hope Children's Home Orphanage This is an Orphanage in Bali and I am raising money for them. With the money
4 Donors
HK$1,420 raised
7% funded
Help Anne compete in Singapore!
Hello! My name is Mashiat and I am raising this fund for Anne Ruiz from Philippines. Anne Ruiz is Ana's. . . . .
5 Donors
HK$975 raised
48% funded
Helping animals.
0 Donors
HK$0 raised
I need your urgent support for my treatment
I am Hrishabh Choudhary, hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. Today, I come to you. . . . .
1 Donors
€1 raised
Breaking free: From suffocating grip of debt
Support family to meet expenses for lung cancer stage 4 treatment and chronic heart disease “Hope Blooms: A Journey of. . . . .
1 Donors
£1 raised
For education of children in my village
there are some children from outside state in my village they don’t go to school and they don’t even know
0 Donors
$0 raised
Please help me financially to get my two legs amputated in a train
Please help me financially to get my two legs amputated in a train and to do my business.
0 Donors
$0 raised
Help Us Overcome Financial Hardship and Secure a Better Future for Our Family
Dear Supporters, We find ourselves in an incredibly challenging situation, one that we never anticipated nor prepared for. With a. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
From Lessons to Lifelines: Supporting Mama Lyn/Merly’s Healing Journey
Mama's Journey Right now, our family is facing one of the toughest battles alongside the person who has always been. . . . .
46 Donors
₱255,726 raised
6% funded
Help needed for Open Heart Surgery
John Patrick Olbinado Pat is an accomplished accountant; Pat’s story, however, is not about numbers and formulae but is about. . . . .
11 Donors
₱67,000 raised
6% funded
Help save my sister from stage 4 breast cancer
A wife and a loving mother, my sister Edna, is an incredible woman who has devoted her life to helping. . . . .
18 Donors
₱54,800 raised
2% funded
Fund raising for Baby Sofia’s Liver Transplant
My 6-month old daughter is diagnosed with Biliary Atresia. A rare liver condition that affects an infant's liver and the. . . . .
28 Donors
₱50,050 raised
2% funded
Help our dad in battling stroke
Our dad, Rommel, our one and only is currently battling stroke which happened few days ago. We are asking for
11 Donors
₱49,050 raised
19% funded
Help Support Aidah & Akhbar
At 33/34 with 3 young kids and 1 kid along the way, Aidah and Akhbar face tough circumstances. Last Nov,. . . . .
778 Donors
SG$34,169 raised
136% funded
Honoring Firdaus: Supporting His Family After a Tragic Loss
In the wake of an unimaginable tragedy, we come together to honor the memory of Firdaus, a beloved husband, father,. . . . .
563 Donors
SG$32,993 raised
94% funded
Raising A Stranger: A Documentary
Hello! We are a team of 4 students from Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information in NTU and. . . . .
82 Donors
SG$10,489 raised
80% funded
Funding for domestic helper Aiza’s lung cancer (Stage 4) treatment
Aiza, 33 years old domestic helper from Philippines, has been working in Singapore since May’21. She is very simple minded. . . . .
44 Donors
SG$8,311 raised
25% funded
Brody's Surgery
Brody is an 11 year old Border Collie from Scotland. He's always been a super energetic dog despite his age.. . . . .
42 Donors
SG$3,801 raised
38% funded
South Africa
Help Dad recover from a fractured skull & traumatic brain injury
Martin’s Story On 8th of January Martin went to his workplace, despite not being paid for the previous month. The. . . . .
41 Donors
$3,685 raised
18% funded
Upgrade Playground in Noordhoek Common
Hi there, As you may know, the playground area in the Noordhoek Commons is very run down and has actually. . . . .
16 Donors
$1,760 raised
65% funded
A new house for Dora
A new house for Dora, Two years ago we moved to South Africa, to start a new life and to. . . . .
28 Donors
€1,715 raised
85% funded
🇵🇸 Please help Sobhi and his family in Gaza
Hi I created this fundraiser for my best friend, Sobhi and his family in Gaza. I met Sobhi six and. . . . .
17 Donors
$1,404 raised
7% funded
Shosholoza Kick-off: Fundraising for MadCup Tournament!
We are raising money to take two teams to the MadCup international Football Tournament to represent South Africa. It's official:. . . . .
19 Donors
€1,173 raised
3% funded
Save lives and create an amazing travel destination!
Bosofet Beach and Creek Lodge is a lodge on a beach in Sanyang, The Gambia. It was set up by. . . . .
15 Donors
kr4,550 raised
8% funded
They took all from us
We are a family with three small children. The bailiff sold our house and now we rent a home. We
0 Donors
€0 raised
Help me help the dogs 🐶
Hello beautiful people of the world. I'm Andrea, I travel in my van since 2019. I don't want pity I'm. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
Turtle volunteer project
hello, me and my friend are raising money for a volunteer project to help the sea turtles. We are 16. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
Help me and my family survive the war
I am Sami, I live in Gaza City in peace and security until 10/7/2023. After this date, the war broke. . . . .
0 Donors
€0 raised
United Kingdom
Help Philip and Simon get a med-evac vehicle to Ukraine
Philip De Nahlik and Simon Rasch have signed up to travel 1,318 miles over 3 days across Europe with the. . . . .
60 Donors
£7,025 raised
93% funded
Help Max and Susan drive an ambulance to Ukraine
Max Graef and Susan Richards have signed up to travel 1,318 miles over 3 days across Europe with the Driving. . . . .
54 Donors
£4,750 raised
95% funded
Help Farmers for Ukraine Mission 2
A team of 20 of the finest farmers in the world, British Farmers, have signed up to travel 1,318 miles. . . . .
16 Donors
£4,055 raised
81% funded
Help Katie and Ed get an evacuation vehicle to Ukraine
Katie Hines and Ed Chalmers have signed up to travel 1,318 miles over 3 days across Europe with the Driving. . . . .
87 Donors
£4,050 raised
81% funded
Help the 2 Bens purchase and deliver an evacuation vehicle to Ukraine!
Ben and Ben have signed up to travel 1,318 miles over 3 days across Europe with the Driving Ukraine team. . . . .
139 Donors
£3,501 raised
116% funded
United States
Help Me Investigate Court Corruption in Orange County and Southern California
In 2019, I wrote this article, In it, I described Donna McCracken's case from Orange County, "While little can. . . . .
134 Donors
$12,671 raised
84% funded
Generation to Generation
Background Generation to Generation is a three time award winning documentary series about the survivors of the Holocaust. However the. . . . .
79 Donors
$7,609 raised
76% funded
Forge Costa Rica
Forge is a Rite Of Passage to a deeper, more refined version of the leader inside. It’s an exclusive container. . . . .
64 Donors
$7,090 raised
52% funded
UPDATED STORY ABOUT JERRY IS BELOW. PLEASE SEE MID-APRIL NEWS ⬇️⬇️ Meet Our Friend, Jerry Miller There is a friendly. . . . .
29 Donors
$6,679 raised
133% funded
Moon Lake Water
A large fire burned through the forest surrounding the Moon Lake Resort in 2020. Ever since we have been plagued. . . . .
42 Donors
$5,380 raised
89% funded