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Leaving Australia – Support Needed
Friends, due to my personal story of parental alienation abuse, and because I have not seen my daughter in 2. . . . .
4 Donors
$1,380 raised
27% funded
Winter Sleepout
On Friday 12th August, I will be joining other students at Aquinas College for a Winter Sleepout to raise money. . . . .
9 Donors
$525 raised
175% funded
UBC Student Raising Funds to Reunite with Her Family in Canada
Hi Friends, My name is Shogofa; I am a 21-year-old college student at the University of British Columbia. I am. . . . .
103 Donors
$20,707 raised
34% funded
Reunite My Forcibly Displaced Hazara Family from Afghanistan
My name is Rabia. I am currently based in Burnaby Canada. I was born and raised in Afghanistan, and I. . . . .
45 Donors
$4,190 raised
13% funded
Truc de FouR
Hi everyone!We are Silvia and Mauro, an Italian couple who has been living in Ariège for two years.We have traveled for years to different places in the world and the last trip we did was to Asia by bike!!! (why am I telling you this? You will soon understand!...)We are very curious and love trying ways of cooking from all over the world but, among all the countries we have traveled to, finding ourselves with an Italian pizza maker, helping him prepare the dough, spending time together, gave us this feeling of coming back home that, even an inveterate traveler, sometimes needs. So after years of living in another country, we decided to combine our passions: travel and pizza! To become that connection with that \\\"feeling home\\\". And we hope to be able to bring you these sensations: the smell of tomato sauce in Grandma\\\'s house on Sunday mornings, Mom\\\'s apron full of flour, the smell of mozzarella that we smelled with your head crushed on the window of cheese factories, and the taste of a good wood-fired pizza!The projectThe idea is to create a trolley that can fit into our inseparable van, therefore foldable and liftable (see sketch ) with surfaces for kneading, spreading, garnishing, a fridge for ingredients, and a sink, all integrated and pulled by a bicycle. 1.70 m long and 90 cm wide. Impossible ??? Not for Mauro\\\'s ingenious mind!In this trolley, we will give shape to our delicious, highly digestible pizzas! Ah! small detail but important!... We have been vegetarians for 10 years so... Entirely vegetarian and... ORGANIC menu! For everything available in the region, we source from local producers, for things like Mozzarella, and also for ethical reasons we have contacts with Italian organic suppliers.Where is the project-based:The project is based in Ariège in Sabarat. We would like to move between different villages and also participate in ethical events or festivals, campsites... and bring a touch of Italy!We will let you know our movements in advance.What will the collection be used for?Our project is currently under construction, Mauro with the help of a blacksmith is working on the realization of the cart after days of reflection on the drawing. We work on different textures to have a very hydrated dough (what an effort!)Here is what your contribution will be used for:Oven (Italian wood and gas oven) thanks to your help, we will purchase an oven made in Sicily by a local company that has been dedicated to it for years. Cost: 1400 euro.Standard materials (Sink: 118.90 Euros Water tanks: 61 Euros Fridge: 339 Euros Stainless steel worktops: 500 Euros Various containers: 250 Euros) Total cost: 1270 EurosMaterials to build the trolley (Stand: 115.89 euros Forks: 40.98 euros Brakes: 23.50 euros Wheels: 110 euros Blacksmith work: 400 euros Metal: 200 euros Bike: 100 euros Straw: 50 euros Ramps: 100 euros Winch: 60 euros Bike trailer coupling: 40 euros lighting system: 100 euros) Total cost: 1240 euros20 Liter pizza dough mixer: 1300 euros. The mixer is Italian and professional. You could tell us... but why not knead by hand? To obtain a well hydrated and therefore more digestible pizza, it is better to use a mixer... no Italian pizza maker will tell you otherwise!Pizza Peel: 130 euros.Gazebo: 160 euros, to prepare the pizzas even when it rains!!!Costs of opening training no. siret and HACCP, various licenses: 190 euros paid by the Occitanie region the rest at our expense!Reparation of the truck transporting our trolley: 3150 euros at our expenseMaterials to start the festivals and markets: flour, cheeses, sauce, vegetables, boxes... for the pizza, 2000 eurosWe have already started to buy the material but we still need a little help.
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€1,125 raised
20% funded
Volunteering abroad – Homeless shelter
Hello, My name is Emily, I am a 19 year old student at the University of Bordeaux studying Sociology. I. . . . .
24 Donors
€1,059 raised
93% funded
Help Brickyard Slaves
Emergency Funds for Brickyard People My name is Marcin Wolcendorf, and I was contacted (befriended) by an person on Facebook.. . . . .
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€100 raised
20% funded
Wildlife Volunteering in Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Hi! :) I have always wanted do do a gap year after school but never got the chance to actually. . . . .
3 Donors
€31 raised
Angel’s Greenhouse
Dear Brothers & Sisters, My name is Angel and I come from East Africa, Tanzania. I came here to help. . . . .
10 Donors
$124,600 raised
80% funded
Princess’ Nail Salon
Jambo! (Hello!) My name is Princess, I come from Kenya in East Africa and this is my story. Several years. . . . .
30 Donors
$42,885 raised
51% funded
Raising funds for my mother’s treatment
Hi, I'm raising this fundraiser for my mother, She's been diagnosed with severe CKD and has been put on dialysis. . . . .
94 Donors
$2,270 raised
87% funded
Raising funds to support my Mother’s cancer treatment.
My Mother Is Fighting For Her Life And We Need Your Support To Save Her Dear Donors, My mother, Ratna. . . . .
3 Donors
$275 raised
Help Joseph Save His Kidneys
Hello friends and family, My loving husband is battling Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease. This disease caught us off-guard being. . . . .
127 Donors
₱332,127 raised
33% funded
Please help Indy have more adventures in life
Hello everyone. It's been rough for many of us since the start of the pandemic, but I would like to. . . . .
36 Donors
₱175,677 raised
58% funded
Support Catherene’s cancer treatment
Our helper Catherene was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Despite already having surgery here in Singapore, her cancer. . . . .
76 Donors
$10,421 raised
29% funded
Fundraising for Home & Children
Updated 6/8/22: The Housing & Development Board (HDB) rejected my appeal to buy from them. They have a waiting period. . . . .
11 Donors
$1,630 raised
16% funded
South Africa
Story books for Children in Mitchells Plain and Soweto
With the coronavirus outbreak, children in vulnerable communities in South Africa are in great need for books. Read to Rise. . . . .
68 Donors
R24,450 raised
2% funded
Akasia Avenue Foundation
A short history of where it all began - Over the past 17 years of my life, I have been. . . . .
31 Donors
R18,850 raised
37% funded
Gamer girl that needs money
Im a gamer girl that needs money for gaming setup
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Ebbas Energifond
I juni 2016 fick Ebba cancerbesked och har sedan dess varit på sjukhuset från och till. Hon har visat sig. . . . .
125 Donors
kr76,600 raised
United Kingdom
PROJECT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM Will be lead by edgarmorganz As an organisation which has evolved rapidly, we continue to constantly look. . . . .
47 Donors
$9,297 raised
46% funded
Justice for Vicars !
For friends in the USA (dollar donations), please see: UPDATE June 22nd is a major step forward in the. . . . .
113 Donors
£5,170 raised
10% funded
United States
Life Prep for Boys 2022 School Renovation Project
Since 2019, The X for Boys program has transformed the lives of young boys in Albany, GA. From starting our. . . . .
1019 Donors
$129,005 raised
12% funded
Help Lisa Complete Her Miraculous Recovery from COVID
For about the next six months, Lisa needs help to recover from COVID. Around Thanksgiving, she contracted COVID in the. . . . .
90 Donors
$11,530 raised
78% funded