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We’ve helped people from all over United States crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Help Ricky Breathe
Father Ricky Gerena has been a staple of our community for decades. He has always shown how kindness and dedication. . . . .
105 Donors
$16,470 raised
82% funded
Give Kenja a chance
Kenja is an affectionate and playful puppy with an exceptional personality that anyone would want in a dog. She's remarkably. . . . .
25 Donors
$1,172 raised
73% funded
Help Me Investigate Court Corruption in Orange County and Southern California
In 2019, I wrote this article, https://dailycaller.com/2019/05/23/police-raids-cu... In it, I described Donna McCracken's case from Orange County, "While little can. . . . .
111 Donors
$10,926 raised
72% funded
Generation to Generation: Eating Pebble Soup
Background Generation to Generation is a three time award winning documentary series about the survivors of the Holocaust. However the. . . . .
59 Donors
$6,690 raised
66% funded
Swag Sisters | 24 Hour Race San Francisco 2022
The 24 Hour Race San Francisco 2022 is taking place on March 26-27, 2022! We are a generation informed, motivated,. . . . .
40 Donors
$4,652 raised
581% funded
Stella has lived in her house for the past 45 years and now at the age of 89 is struggling. . . . .
75 Donors
$4,650 raised
465% funded
Team Continuum 2013 Marathon
I am running the 2013 ING New York Marathon in Support of Team Continuum.  The Mission of Team Continuum is. . . . .
4 Donors
$1,351 raised
270% funded
Do Me a Favor (Well, Not Really Me)
Help me volunteer in South Africa for a yearI find it hard asking someone to make a donation. I guess. . . . .
8 Donors
$11,630 raised
232% funded
RePunk 3
RePunk 3 reunion weekend
26 Donors
$775 raised
224% funded

Success Stories

Fire Relief Fund for the Block Family

When a family home was destroyed by a fire and a loved one’s life was lost, the family were left devastated. Loved ones raised funds to help them get back on their feet.

24 donors raised US$10,102

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Support Our Adoption Dreams

Jake and Lucy had always wanted a child. They were hopeful they could adopt, but were unable to afford the fees. Thankfully, their campaign allowed them to follow their dream.

38 donors raised US$6,000.00

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A Shelter Upgrade!

A single mother fundraised to buy an RV for herself and her children to live in. Her successful campaign allowed her to better her family’s life.

53 donors raised US$10,280

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Help Pay For Our Wedding

Lee and Chen turned to GoGetFunding to help them pay for the wedding of their dreams. Without crowdfunding, their wedding would not have gone ahead on time.

8 donors raised US$2,590.00

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Help Soulace Clear Debt

Soulace, Nashville’s own Flow and Kinetic Arts Studio, needed to pay off debt so their business could keep developing. Their GoGetFunding allowed their business to thrive.

53 backers raised US$4,600.00

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Spencer’s College Fund

Spencer, a highly intelligent, gifted young boy, got early admission to study at UNC Wilmington. His father raised the funds needed so his son could follow his dreams.

9 donors raised US$3,500.00

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Keep Tashi and Pasang in School

Caring individuals raised funds to keep 2 young children, Tashi and Pasang, in school. Their successful campaign allowed these children to follow their dreams.

49 donors raised US$10,778

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The Gemma Fund

A young Pitbull called Gemma needed life saving surgery to correct a genetic defeat. An inspiring animal rescue organization turned to crowdfunding to help save Gemma’s life.

47 donors raised US$4,151.00

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We Need Your Help Saving Sloane

Tragically, a young puppy named Sloane was dumped at a shelter. Rugaz Rescue Inc, an amazing rescue organization, fundraised to save this puppy’s life.

268 donors raised US$7,504.00

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Help #FreeStellaNyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a powerful woman and activist, was arrested after a campaign to distribute sanitary products to schoolgirls in need. Friends fundraised to cover her legal costs and fight for justice.

92 donors raised US$5,209

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