About Us

GoGetFunding empowers you to raise money online for what matters to you most. Since 2011, we’ve helped people from all over the world raise millions for causes, special events, projects and so much more.

"...can be used to raise money for anything from paying for pet's medical bills to creating a short film...anyone can post a project, easy to use."

"the family turned to popular crowdfunding site GoGetFunding and within days had raised over $20.000."
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How We’re Different

At GoGetFunding, we’ve worked hard to create a crowdfunding platform that’s simple, yet powerful.

You can launch your campaign and start collecting funds in under 5 minutes. Then, from your fundraising dashboard, you’re able to take advantage of our unique features that make a big difference to the amount of money you’re able to raise.

For example, fundraisers who enable support campaigns raise an extra 35% on average. Fundraising campaigns with our team feature enabled raise around 30% more. Campaigns that take advantage of our customization options raise around 20% more.

We’ve built a platform packed with all the tools, features and support that you need, to raise more money than you could elsewhere.

How It Started

Hi! Sandip (the founder) here!

Want to know how and why GoGetFunding started? I’d love to fill you in…

In December 2011 I saw crowdfunding gaining traction. It was awesome seeing creative campaigns come to life but it wasn’t so cool that personal causes and projects weren’t allowed on the most popular platforms. And the sites that did allow personal fundraising were few and far between, charging heavy fees.

This was the perfect time to create something better

I wanted to create a platform that made it easy, exciting and rewarding to start and be part of a campaign. More campaign options. More ways to customize. More ways to promote.

Unleashing the power of the crowd, for crowdfunding.

That’s when GoGetFunding was born!

With a low budget but high ambitions, I launched the site. Then - what seemed like disaster. We only attracted one campaign in our first two months. And that one campaign raised just $20 :(

With persistence and improvements to the site ongoing, in the following month we got our first campaign which raised over $20k!

The feeling was incredible!

People were actually using the site to do good, change lives and make an impact!

Fast forward to today, and I’m humbled that GoGetFunding has helped fundraisers from over 100 countries, raise millions online.

I hope you become part of the
GoGetFunding journey!

Most importantly, we continue to work on making online fundraising simple, easy, yet powerful.

I hope we can help your fundraising campaign come to life, and exceed all expectations! Please reach out if you need any help or support on the way.

To your fundraising success!

Sandip & The GoGetFunding Team