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SPA Lezignan appeal to replace a dog trap which was stolen on 10th Oct 2018
An appeal for help came up on my Facebook page from SPA Lézignan see below in French and English. Please. . . . .
19 Donors
€535 raised
107% funded
Darbari Waldorf School
Please help our little school in the Indian desert. A class of children from one of the lowest castes in. . . . .
70 Donors
€8,440 raised
105% funded
Ecole dans la Foret Togolaise
Notre école avait été complètement détruite par des pluies torrentielles en 2017.Elle se situe dans la région des plateaux du. . . . .
33 Donors
€2,060 raised
82% funded
Help me with my living expenses
Dear all,I am grateful that you're taking some time to read those following couple of sentences. After struggling to find. . . . .
18 Donors
€400 raised
80% funded
Help Fleur fund her PhD project on lion conservation in West & Central Africa
Thank you for your interest in the project. Who is behind the project? Many supervisors, advisers, even family and friends. . . . .
39 Donors
€3,215 raised
64% funded
Les Hirondelles : soutien aux réfugiés
LES HIRONDELLES- helping child refugees/ aides aux enfants réfugiés As we have all seen in the news and through social. . . . .
47 Donors
€1,172 raised
58% funded
Personne est invisible : une exposition autour de l’exil
« Cette porte ne demande pas à celui qui entre s'il a un nom, mais s'il a une douleur. Vous. . . . .
35 Donors
€1,440 raised
57% funded
Trans Woman’s Gender Affirmation Surgery
The text written in seven (7) different languages. Scrool down for other options. ENGLISH: Hello, I am Yıldız İdil Şen,. . . . .
28 Donors
€1,008 raised
20% funded
Supporting animal welfare in Arusha, Tanzania
Hello everyone, we are David and Shaokai and we are currently volunteering in Arusha, Tanzania to support a local vet,. . . . .
5 Donors
$220 raised
44% funded

Success Stories

Fahd and Linda’s Honeymoon

Crowdfunding enabled Linda and her partner Fahd to have their dream honeymoon in Tuscany. Their campaign was 304% funded!

40 donors raised €3,045.00

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