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We’re delighted to see GoGetFunding campaigns regularly mentioned in the press and we’re keen to work closely with reporters looking for story ideas or to cover GoGetFunding.

"...can be used to raise money for anything from paying for pet's medical bills to creating a short film...anyone can post a project, easy to use."

"the family turned to popular crowdfunding site GoGetFunding and within days had raised over $20.000."
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If you’re a journalist or reporter, we would love to send you exclusive and relevant story ideas. We send each journalist that we have a relationship with, a different and unique crowdfunding campaign that we believe will interest them. That allows you to break exciting stories and our campaign owners benefit from the publicity.

Simply get in touch by clicking here to the right and tell us about you, the type of campaigns your audience finds interesting and any questions that you might have.

GoGetFunding Key Information:

  • Launched in December 2011
  • Started as an all-or-nothing crowdfunding site. However, we evolved to become a keep-it-all personal crowdfunding site based on how people were using our platform
  • Located in London, UK but serve fundraisers from all over the world. Primarily the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand
  • We’re committed to allowing people to raise money for whatever matters to them (as long as it’s legal!).
  • Our fees are amongst the lowest in the industry (see compare tool on our homepage for detailed breakdown on this and other features versus competitors)
  • Our largest categories are medical, volunteer, pets and other personal campaigns

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