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We’ve helped people from all over Canada crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Grandma's Hospital Fund Raiser
Hey Ya Lets Stop Yulin Dog Meat Festival
7 Donors
$4,597 raised
459% funded
Fight for Charity - Robert Mackay
Put something at the start about you’re participating in the 2nd annual Fight for Charity event. The 2018 event will. . . . .
26 Donors
$7,346 raised
367% funded
Fight for Charity – In Support of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Manitoba – Rachel Donnelly
Hello family and friends! I am excited to announce that I am participating in the 4th annual Fight for Charity!. . . . .
43 Donors
$3,065 raised
153% funded
Fight for Charity – John McDonald
I am excited to participate in the 2nd annual Fight for Charity event. As some of you are aware I. . . . .
19 Donors
$2,460 raised
123% funded
Plan d’Urgences Médicales au Mirador San José
At the Mirador San Jose, we want medical emergency rescue to be as quick and reliable as possible. As we are geographically located 45 minutes by car to the hospital, emergency situations may be processed too slowly. This fundraiser is therefore intended to give us tools to address these emergencies more quickly by allowing our residents rescuers and volunteer drivers of emergencies to act with greater autonomy. These emergencies include: the sectioning of a brachial artery or carotid a vein or femoral artery a jugular vein cardiac arrest crisis of allergy, diabetes, asthma a cervical fracture a choking bites of snakes and scorpions and any other trauma requiring quick and immediate hospitalization. We need to get: first aid kits a cervical collar a body transportation board a stretcher defibrillators and replacement batteries and electrodes tourniquets and many other first aid equipments.
56 Donors
$3,599 raised
119% funded
The Rooney & Bulldog Rescue Fundraiser
All we need is 150 people to donate $10 each!!   Rooney is our loveable 4 year old Bulldog that. . . . .
39 Donors
$1,665 raised
111% funded
Please help vets and animals who are in need!!
Remember Carlo's our super duper rescue dog ? Carlos was found literally in the garbage by my son Xander and. . . . .
43 Donors
$2,200 raised
110% funded
Alberta Students Against Vaccine Mandates
We are raising money to kickstart a legal campaign against a post-secondary institution and its vaccine policy. The Charter of. . . . .
287 Donors
$32,102 raised
107% funded
Bench Tribute To Remember Tori (Victoria Hillier)
Hi Friends, It’s been a trying and difficult time for so many of us recently with Tori’s passing. Tori was. . . . .
34 Donors
$3,225 raised
102% funded

Success Stories

Humanitarian Trip

Anna Maria fundraised for her third humanitarian trip to Cuba. She planned to work as a translator and use the funds raised to help the locals with essential repairs and living costs.

7 donors raised CA$1,075.00

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Our Honeymoon Fund

It was Jamie and Trish’s dream to travel to the Maldives and Bali for their honeymoon. Their campaign allowed them to have the honeymoon of a lifetime.

8 donors raised CA$2,000.00

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Mike and Emily’s Honeymoon

Instead of wedding gifts, Mike and Emily asked for financial contributions to their honeymoon. Their 2921% funded campaign allowed them to travel far and wide.

30 donors raised CA$5,843.01

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Elec-Truck, Clean-Powered Local Organic Veggies!

Tourne-Sol Co-op Farm were in the process of converting their machines to electrical power. Their campaign allowed them to buy an electric-powered delivery truck which will greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

23 donors raised CA$23,425.00

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Bringing Hope to Gaza for Ramadan!

Wendy set out to raise funds for the Bringing Hope to Gaza Project, helping the people of Gaza get access to food, clothes, and other necessities. Impressively they raised 1420% of their goal!

37 donors raised CA$3,565.00

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Volunteer Trip to Peru to Work With Disabled Kids & Adults

Charlize turned to GoGetFunding to enable her to travel to Peru with her father Rod to care for children and adults with disabilities. Her campaign was 100% funded.

16 donors raised CA$3,800.00

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Food, Medical, & Shelter Costs For The Pattaya Orphanage

After Aaron visited Pattaya Orphanage in Thailand and saw the inspiring work they do, he decided to raised funds to help them provide for the 160 orphans in their care.

41 donors raised CA$3,250.00

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