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We’ve helped people from all over Singapore crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Help late Zaahir’s pregnant mother and her 2 children
Please help late Zaahir's mother and her 2 children after the tragic accident that killed him and his father Mr
350 Donors
SG$35,640 raised
50% funded
Help our migrant workers affected by the COVID-19
Once again our migrant workers need our help! The times are challenging for us all and most of us are. . . . .
57 Donors
SG$3,135 raised
627% funded
Adopting Bunny the Sloth for Athalia’s 18th!
hey guys! athalia here :) if you're looking at my fundraiser, you'd probably know that I really love animals, whether. . . . .
24 Donors
SG$820 raised
273% funded
Let’s Do This For Doods
Our former BPI &/or OOCL officemate and forever friend Rhodora “Doods” Jader Fetalvero, is one of the kindest, sweetest, prayerful. . . . .
116 Donors
SG$13,306 raised
266% funded
24 Hour Fasting for Singapore Foreign Workers
Hi! This is Mia (aged 10), Jay (aged 8) and Arin (aged 6) - we are doing a 24 hour. . . . .
46 Donors
SG$5,130 raised
256% funded
Friends Of Colene
Colene suffers from multiple rare auto immune disorders which the doctors have yet to diagnose. Growing up she was raised. . . . .
29 Donors
SG$4,334 raised
216% funded
Lindsay Park Piano Recital
As a kid in a typical Asian family, I was forced to learn the piano. I remember how much I. . . . .
10 Donors
SG$2,380 raised
198% funded
friend in need of help
Recently, my friend's mom just got admitted to a hospital and is in a critical condition right now. My friend. . . . .
19 Donors
SG$868 raised
173% funded
Pangolin Conservation
Pangolins are considered the world's most trafficked animal. Pangolins are indigenous to Africa and Asia and are highly poached for. . . . .
12 Donors
SG$910 raised
113% funded

Success Stories

Friends of Colene

Colene suffers from multiple rare auto immune disorders. Knowing she may struggle to support her daughter in the long term, she fundraised to start her daughter off with investing, setting her up for the future.

28 donors raised SG$4,332.00

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Lombok Earthquake Fund

Hannah turned to crowdfunding to raise money to help fieldworkers and guides from Mount Rinjani, whose homes and lives were left destroyed after an earthquake.

45 donors raised £3,217.00

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Fundraiser for Those Struggling During the COVID Season

An amazing young women fundraised to help families affected by COVID19 in her local area. Her successful campaign allowed her to provide groceries, food vouchers, and financial support.

64 donors raised SG$5,360.00

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Help Us Find Lost Diver Rinta Mukkam

40-year-old Rinta Mukkam was lost diving. Search and rescue efforts were ongoing, but the cost of a helicopter was $60k per day. Friends set up a campaign to cover these costs and continue the search.

1,012 donors raised SG$163,260

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Fundraising for Blossom

Blossom was found along with 5 other rabbits abandoned and unwell. Thankfully she was rescued by Bunny Wonderland (BW). Their campaign allowed Blossom to get vet treatment and regain full health.

75 donors raised SG$4,541.00

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Reiki Needs You

Reiki, an adorable 2-month-old kitten was found abandoned and severely injured. Amazing volunteers rescued him and raised funds to cover his medical costs, getting him back to full health and finding him a home.

111 donors raised SG$5,000.00

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Kick Breast Cancer in the Boob

When Macarena was diagnosed with breast cancer, she refused to give up. She turned to GoGetFunding to help her get the surgery she needed.

313 donors raised SG$60,688

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Eugene’s Recovery Fund

An injury during boxing left Eugene in a coma. His colleagues and friends raised funds to cover his ongoing medical expenses and rehabilitation, taking a weight off the family’s shoulders.

202 doors raised US$30,050

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Support Roben’s Cancer Treatment

After being diagnosed with Metastatic Transverse Colon Cancer, Roben needed surgery and chemotherapy. His campaign allowed him to pay his medical bills and focus on recovery.

148 donors raised SG$35,339

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Funeral of Amelia Cunanan Rama

After her beloved mother, a selfless and hard-working woman, passed away Jazreel set up a campaign to give her mother the beautiful send-off she deserved.

84 donors raised SG$8,105.00

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