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Success Stories

Project Nia Summer 2015 Fundraiser

Project NIA focuses on education and fighting for justice for children and adults in the prison system. Their GoGetFunding campaign allowed them to continue their amazing work.

298 donors raised US$26,845

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Luke and Katie’s Fundraiser for the Children of Zambia

Katie and Luke headed to Africa to volunteer for Dream Livingstone Zambia, a charity providing education and support to local children. They raised 424% of their goal to donate to the project.

18 donors raised $2,120

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Pam and Bang’s Cancer Fund

After husband and wife Pam and Bang were both diagnosed with cancer, loved ones fundraised to help them and their children through these otherwise impossible times.

91 donors raised US$10,202

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Jeanne’s Journey to a New Heart

Jeanne had struggled with heart disease for years and was waiting for a life-saving transplant. With medicare not covering all the medical costs, her daughter Jamie set up a campaign to raise the funds needed.

89 donors raised US$6,525

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Fundraiser for Chris Stump

While saving a child from a serious fall, Chris himself fell and seriously injured his feet. Chris needed multiple surgeries and treatments, and was uninsured. His campaign helped get him the care he needed.

105 donors raised US$19,205

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Help Masabumi

Well-known Japanese piano player Masabumi Kikuchi became severely unwell. He was struggling financially and under threat of being evicted. A friend set up a campaign to help him get back on his feet.

182 donors raised US$10,693

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Ride of the Century

A awe-inspiring disabled person set out to do a 100 mile bike ride for cancer survivors. Their campaign helped pay for their training, nutrition supplies, and bike adaptations to allow them to complete the ride.

22 donors raised US$5,338

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Help Send Skylar To Zambia!

18-year-old Skylar wanted to travel to Zambia to volunteer teaching local children and enhancing their education. His campaign allowed him to fulfil this dream and better these children’s lives.

46 donors raised US$4,732

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