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Success Stories

The FlickFrid projekt – Say No to FGM

The FlickFrid Project raised money to help them fight female genital mutilation, as well as providing education, a safe place to live, and medical care to vulnerable girls and women

39 donors raised kr45,000

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Trend Micro Virtual Everest Challenge

The Trend Micro Singapore team virtually climbed Mount Everest, climbing 3,160 flights of stairs in 70 days to raise funds for migrant workers in Singapore.

55 donors raised SG$8,080.00

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Help for Health Movement

The Help for Health Movement surpassed their goal, providing 300 care packages to frontline health heroes who have been working tirelessly round the clock at the forefront of the Covid-19 response.

125 donors raised ₱447,106.00

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Help Raise Funds for my Sister’s Chemotherapy

After Quizzia’s eldest sister Queenie was diagnosed with stage 3 cervical cancer, she was able to fundraise the exact funds needed to pay for her chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments.

4 donors raised ₱60,000

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Replace Journalist’s Stolen Equipment

Jeff, a brave journalist, had his kit stolen when he was working documenting violent protests. He turned to crowdfunding to help him replace his equipment and continue working.

38 donors raised ZAR22,500

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My Hero

An amazing 70-year-old paraplegic wanted to buy a mobility scooter to give himself a better quality of life. Loved ones fundraised to help improve his life and give him the freedom he deserved.

20 donors raised ZAR27,200

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Humanitarian Trip

Anna Maria fundraised for her third humanitarian trip to Cuba. She planned to work as a translator and use the funds raised to help the locals with essential repairs and living costs.

7 donors raised CA$1,075.00

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Trafigura: Fundraising for Dignity Kitchen

Dignity Kitchen is a training school for disabled and disadvantaged people, allowing them to learn valuable skills and better their lives. They fundraised to allow them to continue their amazing work.

41 donors raised SG$10,623

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