Online fundraising ideas

Welcome to the ultimate list of online (and some offline) fundraising ideas & tips. Using our years of online fundraising experience, we’ve collected the best right here!

Idea 1

Create your GoGetFunding page

The absolute first step of fundraising is to ensure you have a safe, secure and feature-rich page where people can donate online.

You can create your GoGetFunding page in minutes and take advantage of all the ideas mentioned here. It’s free to start, you have immediate access to donations, and complete control over the whole fundraising experience.

Idea 2

Create a fundraising team

Fundraising campaigns run by teams raise around 60% more money than those without. Assign each team member a role based on what they’re good at and collectively work towards your goal.

Campaigns with teams also build more trust with donors and exponentially increase your network reach.

Idea 3

Offer rewards

Be creative with our rewards feature. For example, if you’re running a humanitarian campaign, offer ‘rewards’ of 50 days water supply to a child in your nominated country for a donation of $/£5.

Other popular rewards include personal thank you letters or video, a thank you dinner, a discounted product / service, novelty items such as hats, t-shirts, a chance to meet the campaign owners, involvement in a particular project, and more. If you’re not sure what might be suitable for your campaign, reach out to us so we can help with some suggestions.

Idea 4

Create urgency with a deadline

You have the option to add a deadline to your fundraising campaign which creates an urgency for others to donate. Remind followers that they only have X hours or days left to contribute and that will boost results.

Of course, on GoGetFunding you can always amend your deadline or create a campaign with no deadline. Regardless of which type you choose, you will always receive any donated funds immediately.