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We’ve helped people from all over United Kingdom crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Help us create an immersive Day of the Dead dining experience!
Video Text SPA/ENG INTRO - (Sebas & Alfredo talking to camera) Both: Hello there! Hola! Ba’ax ka wa’alik? S: I’m. . . . .
22 Donors
£417 raised
83% funded
lookinGOODandfeelinGREAT cancer support and fundraising group
22 Donors
£732 raised
732% funded
Sofia Parke’s Funeral Fund
Sofia Parke had a heart defect and passed away yesterday, the 28th of August. She was rushed to Belfast hospital
216 Donors
£4,090 raised
681% funded
Soul Food KENYA: Widow’s Monthly Meal.
Widow's Gift was launched in October 2018 after working 4 years in humanitarian relief. After the rapid success of our. . . . .
51 Donors
£1,570 raised
523% funded
Soph-Serve | 24 Hour Race San Francisco 2022
The 24 Hour Race San Francisco 2022 is taking place on March 26-27, 2022! We are a generation informed, motivated,. . . . .
53 Donors
$3,970 raised
496% funded
Race for Life – Frances Jamieson
This page has been set up in the memory of Frances E Jamieson who lost her battle with Colon cancer. . . . .
20 Donors
£905 raised
452% funded
21 in 2021 for Alfie’s Wish
After such a difficult year and knowing we are entering a year since beautiful Alfie passed away, I wanted to. . . . .
55 Donors
£1,099 raised
399% funded
We are a Satellite club for disability sport, I want to raise funds to help support the operation and development. . . . .
67 Donors
£1,597 raised
399% funded
Give them a little get away!
If you are visiting this site then you probably know what John, Ruth and Elliot have been through recently. We
81 Donors
£1,925 raised
385% funded

Success Stories

Help Find Ben Needham

Ben Needham was abducted from a village in Greece, leaving his family understandably devastated. The Official Help Find Ben Team fundraised to continue search efforts.

657 donors raised £5,064.00

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Fundraising for Conleth MC Grenaghan’s Family

Conleth McGrenaghan, a young dedicated member of Creggan GAA suffrered an accident which resulted in a serious head injury. Friends and family have generously donated to help Conleth’s family through this difficult time.

590 donors raised £12,644

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Save Our Home: A Story of Tragedy and Cancer

With one tragedy after another, a family was left in complete despair. To top it off, they were at risk of losing their family home. Their successful campaign enabled them to keep their beloved home.

872 donors raised £30,021

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Help Fund My Business Shortfall

When their family-owned grocery store fell on hard times, Gursi fundraised to revamp the business and draw in more customers.

6 donors raised US$4,060.00

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Streatham Wine House

3 friends turned to crowdfunding to set up their business Streatham Wine House. With GoGetFunding’s help, they were able to follow their dream.

91 donors raised £6,350.00

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Scholarships for Polish students at Oxford

The Oxford University Polish Society raised funds to cover two scholarships for students who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to study at Oxford.

17 donors raised £2,000.00

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Community Hero Dies Protecting Youth: Abayomi Ajose

Abi Ajose was a wonderful man who did great work with the vulnerable children in his city. He was killed tragically, so friends fundraised to pay for his funeral and help his wife and children.

352 donors raised £10,030

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Let’s Build These Kids a House!

UK reality star Kaz Crossley set up a campaign to help a local charity for children in a small village in Thailand. The campaign allowed them to build a new house and gym community, providing these children with a reliable home.

4,472 donors have raised £85,000

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Newton Heath Dog Club Fundraiser for Ho

An amazing charity and group of caring individuals fundraised for an abused and neglected Dobermann to get prosthetic limb surgery. Their 327% funded campaign changed this dog’s life for the better.

281 donors raised £3,270.00

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Evening Post Appeal for Tea Cosy Pete Memorial

Well known homeless man Brian, also known as ‘Tea Cosy Pete’ passed away. Locals fundraised to give him a well-deserved send off. The rest of the money was donated to a local homeless charity.

329 donors raised £3,001.10

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