• Facebook Fundraising

Facebook is great for helping you to fundraise online. We know that and that’s why we make it easy to create a great fundraising page that works perfectly with Facebook.

Here are our features that will enable you to raise more money on Facebook:

  • Every fundraising page features prominent Facebook sharing buttons
  • When a page is shared on Facebook, it will automatically display the image associated with your page
  • Following a donation, users are prompted to share your fundraising page on Facebook and other popular social networks

Using Facebook pages with your campaign

Creating a Facebook page to support your GoGetFunding campaign is a great way to keep your community engaged.

Regularly share images of your campaign page with snapshots of progress, comments and links to updates

Every donor gets a unique donor appreciation widget that you can share on Facebook to encourage further donations

Whenever you post an update or show of appreciation, make sure you include your unique page link. We recommend sharing at least every 3 to 5 days.

You can also schedule updates via Facebook to make things easier. Or use our teams feature to assign someone as Facebook or Social Media Manager

Reach out to our personal fundraising coaches who will assess how you're doing on Facebook and can offer personalized fundraising tips.

More Facebook Fundraising tips…

  • Although it’s tempting, don’t share your campaign on Facebook straight away. It's best to first get a few large donations from your closest friends and family.Then, once you share it with your wider network it will increase the chances that thay'll make a similarly large donation.
  • Finally, once you've launched your fundraiser, read our guid to promoting your campaign. That will help you raise more money from people.
  • So now you know exactly how to fundraise, launch your fundraiser now!