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Success Stories

The Gemma Fund

A young Pitbull called Gemma needed life saving surgery to correct a genetic defeat. An inspiring animal rescue organization turned to crowdfunding to help save Gemma’s life.

47 donors raised US$4,151.00

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Elec-Truck, Clean-Powered Local Organic Veggies!

Tourne-Sol Co-op Farm were in the process of converting their machines to electrical power. Their campaign allowed them to buy an electric-powered delivery truck which will greatly reduce their carbon footprint.

23 donors raised CA$23,425.00

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Fire Relief Fund for the Block Family

When a family home was destroyed by a fire and a loved one’s life was lost, the family were left devastated. Loved ones raised funds to help them get back on their feet.

24 donors raised US$10,102

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The FlickFrid projekt – Say No to FGM

The FlickFrid Project raised money to help them fight female genital mutilation, as well as providing education, a safe place to live, and medical care to vulnerable girls and women

39 donors raised kr45,000

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Lombok Earthquake Fund

Hannah turned to crowdfunding to raise money to help fieldworkers and guides from Mount Rinjani, whose homes and lives were left destroyed after an earthquake.

45 donors raised £3,217.00

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Rent Free – A Short Film

A group of students from Temasek Polytechnic, Digital Film & Television used crowdfunding to fund their film project based around COVID19 and its consequences. They were able to successfully complete their project.

17 donors raised SG$1,170

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Spencer’s College Fund

Spencer, a highly intelligent, gifted young boy, got early admission to study at UNC Wilmington. His father raised the funds needed so his son could follow his dreams.

9 donors raised US$3,500.00

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Fire Relief Fund for the Block Family

When a family home was destroyed by a fire and a loved one’s life was lost, the family were left devastated. Loved ones raised funds to help them get back on their feet.

24 donors raised US$10,102

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Funeral of Amelia Cunanan Rama

After her beloved mother, a selfless and hard-working woman, passed away Jazreel set up a campaign to give her mother the beautiful send-off she deserved.

84 donors raised SG$8,105.00

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Bail Fund for the Chicago Pride 8

8 protestors were arrested during Chicago Pride while honouring their transgender, queer, Black, Brown and Native ancestors. Friends set up a campaign to cover their bail and legal costs.

206 donors raised US$5,081

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Bruno Fernandes’ Match Worn Signed Boots and Shirt

Manchester United Star Bruno Fernandes donated his football boots and shirt to help raise funds for siblings Leonor and Jaime who were both diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. The funds will help pay for a new innovative treatment.

2,240 donors have raised €22,814 so far

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Jasmine Long

“Nous étions nerveux à l’idée de commencer un financement participatif, mais GoGetFunding ont facilité les choses. Nous commençons à accepter des dons en 20 minutes”

Recueillit 7500 $ pour un traitement de FIV

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Help #FreeStellaNyanzi

Dr. Stella Nyanzi, a powerful woman and activist, was arrested after a campaign to distribute sanitary products to schoolgirls in need. Friends fundraised to cover her legal costs and fight for justice.

92 donors raised US$5,209

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Replace Journalist’s Stolen Equipment

Jeff, a brave journalist, had his kit stolen when he was working documenting violent protests. He turned to crowdfunding to help him replace his equipment and continue working.

38 donors raised ZAR22,500

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RHCU – Freedom 2018 Events Week

The Royal Holloway Christian Union turned to online fundraising to run a mission week for the students on campus, running educational and social events in line with their faith.

57 donors raised £4,240

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Farewell Marc and Luz … and Luz 40th Birthday

Florence raised money to buy 2 friends a going away present and another friend a special birthday present. She asked loved ones to come together to make their celebration special.

41 donors raised SG$3,583.00

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Josh’s Sports Wheelchair Fund

Josh needed help to buy a sports wheelchair so he could get involved in sports like basketball. Fundraising enabled him to raise the funds he needed to get active.

24 donors raised US$4,716

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Laura Arlington

“Not only did we exceed our target but we also got donations from people that found us here. I highly recommend to all.”

Raised $1,400 for a new book launch

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Humanitarian Trip

Anna Maria fundraised for her third humanitarian trip to Cuba. She planned to work as a translator and use the funds raised to help the locals with essential repairs and living costs.

7 donors raised CA$1,075.00

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Fahd and Linda’s Honeymoon

Crowdfunding enabled Linda and her partner Fahd to have their dream honeymoon in Tuscany. Their campaign was 304% funded!

40 donors raised €3,045.00

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