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We’ve helped people from all over South Africa crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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A new house for Dora
A new house for Dora, Two years ago we moved to South Africa, to start a new life and to. . . . .
28 Donors
€1,715 raised
85% funded
Gwyn Pine – World Champs 2016 – Fundraiser
13 Donors
£2,601 raised
185% funded
Supporting an athlete in need
Cheyenne Kruger is a 16 year old, looking for funds to get to my training. She hasn't been to training
7 Donors
R1,550 raised
155% funded
Home Half Marathon to feed hungry children
CALLING FRIENDS AND FAMILY.. WE NEED YOUR HELP.. 3000 hungry children turn up everyday for a basic meal in Lavender. . . . .
26 Donors
£685 raised
137% funded
SafariWian Needs Dangerous Game Qualification
You may know me as Wian or as SafariWian. I have been presented with one of those once in a. . . . .
17 Donors
$1,311 raised
131% funded
Zoey’s Life changing aid
Hello everyone, this fundraiser has been started on the behalf of Zoey Mphahlele. She is a 23 year Queer female. . . . .
24 Donors
$1,075 raised
107% funded
Nkonkobe Animal Care needs your help!
I met Petro last year when I came to visit the Eastern Cape in South Africa. I now live in. . . . .
39 Donors
$620 raised
103% funded
Surgery To Save Our Dalmation, Popeye
We are a family that does not often ask for help but recent events have left us with no other. . . . .
32 Donors
R20,000 raised
100% funded
Nkonkobe Animal Care needs your help!
I met Petro last year when I came to visit the Eastern Cape in South Africa. I now live in. . . . .
37 Donors
$867 raised
86% funded

Success Stories

The Jolly Roger Parkhurst Needs Your Help!

The Jolly Roger bar and restaurant faced dire times during the pandemic. They fundraised to keep their business running and to continue to pay their staff.

300 donors raised ZAR138,920

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Roxy’s Adventurous Student Trip

Young Roxy got tragic news of her father’s death while on a geography trip with her teacher. Her mother fundraised to allow her to take the trip again, this time with a more positive outcome.

30 donors raised US$2,575.00

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Retired Teachers Fund

When an amazing teacher who changed the lives of her students retired, they decided they wanted to give back. They fundraised to ensure her retirement was fun and free of any financial stress.

89 donors raised ZAR68,500

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Larry Amos Fundraiser

Larry, a well loved, talented musician, suffered a stroke. His loved ones gathered together to fundraise, helping to cover his ongoing medical expenses.

67 donors raised ZAR50,840

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Kaylyn’s Journey

At 15 years old, Kaylyn was diagnosed with a brain tumour. With her family struggling to cope financially, loved ones raised funds to ease their burden and allow them to focus on Kaylyn’s health.

29 donors raised ZAR75,655

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Ingrid’s Memorial Fund

When Ingrid, an animal lover, passed away, her friend ran a campaign with all the donations being sent to an animal charity in her friend’s memory.

7 donors raised ZAR4,900

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Replace Journalist’s Stolen Equipment

Jeff, a brave journalist, had his kit stolen when he was working documenting violent protests. He turned to crowdfunding to help him replace his equipment and continue working.

38 donors raised ZAR22,500

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My Hero

An amazing 70-year-old paraplegic wanted to buy a mobility scooter to give himself a better quality of life. Loved ones fundraised to help improve his life and give him the freedom he deserved.

20 donors raised ZAR27,200

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Bond Family Kuzuko Project

The Bond family headed to South Africa to volunteer for the Kuzuko Foundation. They fundraised to help transform an old barn into an educational conservation centre, to enhance the local children’s education.

38 donors raised £2,050

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Michael Bongani Reinders SAWIP DC trip

Michael was invited to be part of a a seven-month leadership program. His GoGetFunding campaign allowed him to travel to Washington DC to enhance his training as part of the program.

19 donors raised ZAR8,000

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