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We’ve helped people from all over Hong Kong crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Zoe 是一隻近 6 歲的法虎,她曾被用作繁殖犬隻,最近因膀胱結石而被交給VKB。 Zoe需要進行手術,令她有一個健康的生活,而其醫療報價為 8,000 至 10,000 港元。 Zoe, a nearly 6-year-old French Bulldog, and former breeder dog, has. . . . .
24 Donors
$14,300 raised
158% funded
Angel’s Greenhouse
Dear Brothers & Sisters, My name is Angel and I come from East Africa, Tanzania. I came here to help. . . . .
10 Donors
$124,600 raised
80% funded
Donations for Cordon Elementary School
Hello! We are two Y13 students from Discovery College partnering with Cordon Elementary School, located in Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya, a. . . . .
15 Donors
$6,175 raised
77% funded
Meds Fund for Dorna Surfer Dog
Please check the UPDATE section for latest news of Dorna! 中文全文請往下掃 HER STORY Dorna is our Big Wave Bay village. . . . .
34 Donors
$21,100 raised
70% funded
Princess’ Nail Salon
Jambo! (Hello!) My name is Princess, I come from Kenya in East Africa and this is my story. Several years. . . . .
32 Donors
$53,885 raised
65% funded
Helper fired for getting sick in Hong Kong: Help Rona continue to financially support her children
Rona was recently forced by her employer to sign what we believe is an illegal contract, saying that she quit,. . . . .
16 Donors
$11,590 raised
231% funded
Violin Performance to Raise Money for Music Instruments and Lessons to Underprivileged Children
Hi, my name is Deron. I am 12 years old, and I want to talk to you about a charity. . . . .
47 Donors
$41,055 raised
164% funded
Refugee Transportation Fundraiser
Our mission is to help increase outreach to refugees in Hong Kong, as well as to help them access various. . . . .
53 Donors
$11,860 raised
118% funded
[尋找協助] 家長車被誤燒
https://lihkg.com/thread/1738089/page/1 揾左不少黃店/公証人,但未有回應,暫時有金水做証明,儘量用雜廠同二手零件,所以價錢可以平啲。 價錢為$25,800,因為安全問題,所以報價單上有些資料想盡量保密,而沒有塗污的版本,亦Send左比金水作記錄。 以下是報價單:
130 Donors
$26,750 raised
105% funded

Success Stories

Democratic Journalism and Brian Problem in Hong Kong

Bryan set up a campaign to launch a platform for freelance journalists, with the goal of delivering more interaction between journalists and readers.

90 donors raised HK$86,321

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Urgent Cancer Tumor Operation for Blind Shar Pei Dog

After an adorable blind shar-pei dog was diagnosed with cancer, he desperately needed his tumour removed. Without the help of GoGetFunding, his owner wouldn’t have been able to afford his life saving surgery.

11 donors raised HK$10,000

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Help Teacher Ria Fight Cancer

Ria, a single mother and wonderful teacher, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Without insurance, her family couldn’t pay for her treatment. Their successful campaign helped Ria to get the treatment she needed.

263 donors raised HK$210,484

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Let’s Rollo-up Our Sleeves and Help Ed

After Ed was diagnosed with cancer, he and his loved ones were struggling to keep up with the cost of treatment. Their successful campaign allowed Ed to get the life-saving surgery he needed.

269 donors raised HK$281,000

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In Memory of Shams

Friends and colleagues set up a campaign in memory of their friend Shams Zakari to help his family financially in their time of need.

32 donors have raised HK$21,103so far

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Project β

GoGetFunding helped one individual to write and publish their second book, detailing people’s personal stories with readers and the author collaborating together.

288 donors raised HK$77,026

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Support to Francois, Cinthia and their children

A fire in Aberdeen’s harbour left a family without their boat which was a lifeline. Friends set up a campaign to help the family through this tough time.

52 donors raised HK$64,900

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Public Statement by a Group of Alumni of the Chinese University of Hong Kong

A group of alumni of Shaw College fundraised to help them fight for the rights of the people of Hong Kong who were unjustly treated by the government and law enforcement.

634 donors raised HK$293,323

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“Support Social Workers, Protect Justice” Crowdfunding

Battlefield Social Workers set up a campaign to raise funds for litigation expenses, allowing them to fight for justice and defend social workers who were unjustly treated by law enforcement.

4308 donors raised HK$3,360,100

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Assisting the Reconstruction of Japan After the Typhoon “Hibeisi”

After the largest typhoon in Japanese history, Jason from Hong Kong decided to step up to help his neighbours. All funds he raised were donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help those in need.

3,966 donors raised HK$1,064,524

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