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  • Creating a fundraiser
  • Managing your fundraiser
  • Donating

What is GoGetFunding?

We’re a personal crowdfunding website where you can raise money for anything that matters to you. From personal causes and projects to events and more.

As one of the first personal crowdfunding websites, our experience, support, and features will help ensure you raise the most money possible.

What is GoGetFunding

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What currencies can I raise money in?

We’re a truly international website, supporting 23 currencies:

  • U.S. Dollar
  • British Pound
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • Japanese Yen
  • Australian Dollar
  • New Zealand Dollar
  • Swiss Franc
  • Hong Kong Dollar
  • Singapore Dollar
  • Swedish Krona
  • Danish Krone
  • Polish Zloty
  • Norwegian Krone
  • Hungarian Forint
  • Czech Koruna
  • Israeli New Shekel
  • Mexican Peso
  • Philippine Peso
  • New Taiwan Dollar
  • Thai Baht
  • South African ZAR (conditions apply)


What makes GoGetFunding different?

We’re glad you asked! With the increasing number of crowdfunding sites out there, you need to know you’re dealing with a reputable and established website.


GoGetFunding is proud to be one of the first major personal crowdfunding sites, having launched in 2011. Since then, we’ve helped people from all over the world raise millions online. Our unique platform is continually engineered to ensure our campaign owners raise the most money possible.


Here’s exactly how we stack up against our major competitors:


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How can I contact you?

Simply send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible – that’s normally under an hour.

You can also find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get our latest news and updates.

What if I don’t reach my fundraising target?


We’re a ‘keep-it-all’ personal crowdfunding site meaning that even if you don’t reach your fundraising goal, you still keep all of the funds raised (minus our industry low fees). Some sites return money to donors if you don’t reach your goal under the assumption that you won’t be able to complete your plans with only some of the money.


In addition, you have access to the funds raised throughout the campaign as opposed to just when your campaign ends (some clearing periods may apply).


Who can start a fundraiser on GoGetFunding?

Anyone, anywhere who needs to raise money online.

We are now available in more countries than ever, meaning campaigns can be created in every developed country and an increasing number of developing countries.

GoGetFunding International

We have simplified how you accept donations by introducing GoGetFunding Card Payments in a number of countries. This means as soon as you create your campaign you may be able to accept donations via debit or credit card. You also have the option to connect PayPal or Stripe to provide maximum flexibility.

These three options make creating a fundraiser and accepting donations, effortless.

What type of fundraiser can I start and how do I get going?

Our most popular campaigns fall into the following categories: Personal, Medical & Healing, and Volunteer & Travel.

However, we’ve seen campaigns for just about everything in between, too – from innovative business ideas to IVF fertility treatment and more.

You can create either a timed or an ongoing fundraiser. You should always create a timed fundraiser if money is needed before a certain date. Ongoing fundraisers are suited to those needing to collect money on a regular basis, and these are shown on a sub-section of our site.

What type of fundraiser can I start

Accepting donations has never been easier! We  automatically create your personal eWallet when you set up your campaign. Your eWallet will hold your funds securely until you are ready to withdraw them.

Ready to start? Click here.

What information should I include on my fundraising page?

When you are writing your appeal, you should explain:

  • What it is you are trying to do
  • How you will do it
  • How the funds will be used
  • Information about you or if applicable, the people in your team

The more information you share, the more you will earn your backers’ trust.

Think of what it would take for you to fund a campaign. Then go ahead and include all that information.

What tips do you have for creating a video?

You don’t have to be a video expert to create one – just about every smartphone can make great videos nowadays.

Try to keep your video between 1 – 3 minutes. This should be long enough to tell your story and convey your appeal, but short enough to keep your viewers interested enough to stay on your page.

The key to creating a great video is to just relax, be yourself and enjoy it. Talk through your campaign and tell your story.

Explain what you’re raising money for, how the funds will be used and if applicable, more information about you or your team.

Don’t worry about making it perfect; just keep it real. Fundraisers with a video are shown to raise more money than those without.

What fees do you charge?

It’s completely free to start your fundraiser!

We charge a competitive 6.9% fee on funds raised (2.9% of which is a payment processing fee*) – making our fees lower than all of our major competitors. There is also a small 0.30c handling  fee that is applied to each donation made. All fees are automatically deducted when you receive a donation – you don’t have to do anything and you won’t get any bills from us.

We know that the features and personal support we provide will help attract extra donations that will more than cover this fee.

GoGetFunding Fees

Some sites say they are ‘100% Free’ but they actually charge donors. Not cool.

*If you connect payment handlers PayPal and Stripe, they charge an additional minimal fee of between $0.25 and $0.30 per transaction.

For more info and your local rate, please see the PayPal and Stripe fees page. 

Please note: Some developing countries or those with payment restrictions may be subject to higher fees. If so, you will be advised during campaign creation.

When do I receive the funds raised?

Unlike many other crowdfunding sites, you don’t have to wait until your campaign ends before accessing your donations. This graphic sums it up:


How to receive GoGetFunding donations


Donations received via GoGetFunding Card Payments can be withdrawn from your campaign’s eWallet and deposited into your bank account once a 7 day clearing period for each donation has lapsed. It should be noted that you will need to complete a standard verification process before withdrawing those funds.

Please note: Some developing countries or those with payment restrictions may be subject to a longer clearing period (typically 30 days) before being eligible to withdraw funds. If so, you will be advised during campaign creation.

Donations received via PayPal are usually credited into your PayPal account immediately so you can *withdraw the funds right away.


Donations received via Stripe are automatically sent to your bank account on a 7-day rolling basis. So if a donation was made on March the 1st that will be deposited into your bank account on March 8th. After you have received your first few payments, Stripe may offer you the option to enable daily payments to your bank account.

*PayPal may occasionally, apply a short holding period for funds.

How do I promote my fundraiser?

To raise the money you need, first ensure that you’ve created a great campaign. You should have a thorough description that explains what you’re raising money for and how exactly the funds will be used. Our most successful campaigns tell a story and speak to their audience in a personal voice.

If appropriate, offer rewards and include a video of you or your team talking through your campaign – this does help to raise more money.

Once you’re sure that your campaign content is top-notch, you need to start promoting your page.

Here are our key tips – your goal should be to progress through these stages and become an advanced fundraiser!

Basic Fundraiser

        > Speak to or send a personal message to your close friends and family telling them about your campaign so that they can be first to donate and get the momentum going. Extended networks are much more likely to donate once they see that others have already done so.


        > Once your closest friends and family have donated, it’s time to share your campaign on your own social networks and ask existing donors to do the same. Don’t bombard people with messages – as a general guide, two or three shares on Facebook or Twitter per week works well. Don’t just post requests for donations, but update on progress and thank existing donors too.


        > If you have a website or blog, tell your audience about your campaign and embed our widgets. Similarly, if you have a Facebook page or other way of contacting relevant circles of people, spread the word about the opportunity for people to be part of your campaign.

Intermediate Fundraiser

        > Contact relevant online communities that may be interested in your fundraiser. You could engage with like-minded people on a relevant forum or website. Contact blogs that are related to your campaign and see if they’re interested in covering it. Or perhaps write a guest post that you know their audience will like and will help drive more visitors to your page.


        >Take your campaign offline and host a fundraising event or party. Distribute flyers, speak at a local community event and essentially create real connections with people.

Advanced Fundraiser

        > By contacting the press you have the ability to get exposure to a huge number of people, many of whom could turn into your donors. Contact your local newspaper, TV and radio stations to tell them about your fundraiser and why it’s worth their attention. The media love covering campaigns that are based on personal stories. Our campaigns that have gone viral often start off with coverage from small local news outlets which can then spread to the national or international news sites.

Exceptional campaigns can get donations from total strangers, but most are funded by people that are in your network and your network’s network.

Our site has all the features you need to encourage donations, but you still need to work to get others to part with their cash. Creating a campaign is not a set-and-forget endeavor.

How can I get my fundraiser featured?

We regularly highlight campaigns on our social media pages.

We decide who to feature based on a number of elements, which includes how well your fundraiser is put together. For example, do you have multiple pictures, an interesting story, a video or thoughtful rewards? We also look at how many donations you’ve been able to drive from your personal networks.

We assess which fundraisers to feature on a regular basis. However, if you’d like to give us a heads-up, get in touch. Please remember that being featured does not automatically result in additional donations from strangers.

What happens if a fundraiser reaches its funding goal before the time expires?

If a campaign reaches its funding goal before the time expires and you have not allowed overfunding, your page will not be able to receive further donations and it will be shown as successful.

If you have allowed overfunding, you will be able to receive additional donations until your campaign expires.

With ongoing fundraisers, you can accept donations forever.

How do I edit my fundraiser once it’s live?

You can edit your fundraiser once it is live by logging into our site and going to your dashboard. You will see your fundraiser with an ‘edit’ link besides it.

What are campaign updates?

Campaign updates are just what they sound like – they are updates that you can post on your campaign as it ticks on.

It’s great to keep followers and backers informed on your progress – this helps build an even greater personal connection, driving more interest and support. To create an update, simply login to our site and go to the ‘Updates’ tab of your fundraiser. Then click the ‘Add Update’ link.

Who handles payment for donations?

Depending on which donation option the campaign owner has connected to their campaign, the donation will be handled and withdrawn via one of three trusted global payment providers we use.

Are there any fees associated with donating?

You aren’t charged any fees for backing a fundraiser.