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Nasira Ijaz Mother Of Daim
Fasialabad Pakistan, PK

Joined on Jun 3, 2020

Education Development Support Movement Maker (VISION) Human Deserve Respect Equally & Values Awareness by Edu promotion for deserving's in PK

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BREAKING THE CYCLE OF POVERTY THROUGH EDUCATION : Providing schooling to children in remote areas of Punjab region
Education for children in remote villages around Faisalabad With the Co-vid-19 outbreak and many restrictions and job losses implied by. . . . .
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Education for extremely poorest children
I'm trying hard to serve humanity by providing education to all and equal special efforts for extremely poorest children . . . .
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Medical emergency need help urgently for saving a human
current situation of my brother ventilate via tracheotomyCritical situation Today I request you for my brother last week he injured. . . . .
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Co-vid-19 سے متاثر بیروزگاروں اور مزدوروں کے پروڈکشن شروع کرنے کے لیے الیکٹرانک آلات جو آسان پروزگار لوگوں کو فراہم. . . . .
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Promote Education for deserving children PK
I'm trying hard to serve humanity by providing education to all and equal special efforts for extremely poorest children Unfortunately. . . . .
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Education Development for deserving's
Nasira Ijaz Appeal for Education expenditures of Mr Safdar Malik Study in Agriculture university Fasialabad PAKISTAN Need your kind support. . . . .
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REDS FSD ( Rural Education Development Support Pak)
All humans are equally important, equal values and rights as a creation of Almighty God. I believe very strongly God's. . . . .
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黃子悅2020立法會選舉眾籌 : WongJiYuet – 2020 Hong Kong Legislative Council Election Campaign Fundraiser
上年的理大一役,我被控暴動罪。我選擇留在香港不離開,是不甘屈服於獨裁政權的清算。我參選最終的理念只有一個,不惜一切代價捍衛香港。 在上年的時代革命,我和好多香港人一樣都只是無名的抗爭者。直到被控暴動罪後,面臨十年的刑期,我開始思考除了等待還可以為手足們做什麼?尚存一口氣,還能怎樣守護我們香港人的家?我不想在亂世中苟且偷生,或者白白等待死亡,就同香港依個地方的命運一樣,即使前路黑暗,仍要齊上齊落。 生於廝長於廝,我於97年主權移交後出生,沒經歷過英國殖民統治,卻見證著中共殖民暴政下香港的毀滅,香港作為殖民地的事實從沒變更。推倒中共絕非易事,但這是我們這一代與生俱來的責任,從敵人手中奪回屬於自己的家。 我參選是要向政權宣戰,即使被控暴動罪,香港人也絕不會屈服。即使中共想要消滅香港人這個身份,我們絕不會投降。 我承諾除了全力配合「35+」的方案,必會堅定以五大訴求作為議會內與政府談判的前設。其中定以撤控所有因「反送中運動」的被捕者及特赦所有被定罪的義士為先。其次,我會竭盡所能追究所有警暴、濫捕的問題。 去年有很多義士為了光復香港而賭上性命,接下來未完成的工作就要由我們這些仍然在世的人來完成,將香港人的意志徹底執行,使所有人流過的血不會白流。 傾城起義,絕地反擊! 我,黃子悅,一個抗爭者,正式參選立法會民主派初選。 #釋放所有被捕抗爭者#撤銷暴動定性#本土起義全民皆兵_______#黃子悅IG | | channel | |黃子悅 Wong Ji Yuet 雖然初選不受限於現有《選舉條例》,但為保障, 凡港幣1001元或以上的捐款請留低個人姓名及聯絡方法,以便我們發出收據及申報。 若捐款多於港幣1001元而沒有提供聯絡方法,該款項將不會用作選舉用途,並將轉捐予慈善團體。
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Maria Ofanda’s battle against COVID-19
**UPDATE AS OF AUGUST 5**As of today, August 5, our remaining balance has reached 1 Million with the total bill. . . . .
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Vida Homes Dauin Employee Fundraiser
Vida Homes has always been a place for you to come for a relaxing holiday, for reunion with friends and. . . . .
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Help Indigent Breast Cancer Patients
With the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic, cancer patients who are in the middle of their journey feel left out. . . . .
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Support Meena
Hello, This message is about Meena, our Stanley Prathna Spa manager and friend. Meena takes care and repairs our bodies,. . . . .
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Sanitary Pad Drive
We would like to support a collaborative initiative to address a fundamental and basic need of menstrual hygiene, in young. . . . .
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A boy with a dream
Hello everyone! My name is Pasang Kaji Sherpa. I was born in Solukhumbu district, in Juving, a remote village in. . . . .
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New Fire Truck for Athens Volunteer Fire Station
Επικοινωνούμε με τους υποστηρικτές μας γιατί χρειαζόμαστε την βοήθεια σας. Καθώς πλησιάζει η κορύφωση της αντιπυρικής περιόδου, τα τελευταία χρόνια. . . . .
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South East Asia Volunteering
In July 2021, I’ll be leaving to go volunteer with teaching kids English in Bali, Cambodia and Vietnam! As beautiful. . . . .
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Deadly explosion in Beirut- help to the victims in Lebanon
A massive blast struck Tuesday at a port in Lebanon’s capital of Beirut. The impact was intense, rippling through several. . . . .
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Food, medication , education and clothes
Our heartfelt pray is that if God touches 50 people with compassionate love friends of mine can hold hands with. . . . .
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Nasira Ijaz Mother Of Daim
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