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Climb Up Bike Challenge
Climb Like a Champ Bike Challenge I will be cycling the height of Mont Blanc (4810m) in one day up. . . . .
53 Donors
CHF2,517 raised
251% funded
We got the wheelchair!! ❤️ now lets go for the prosthesis!!
My name is Silvana, I'm Nicola's aunt and me and his family are starting this fundraising for him, because life. . . . .
519 Donors
CHF82,070 raised
82% funded
Help Sugi to stay in school
Help Sugi to stay in school "English" Hello everyone, we are a small mixed (indo/swiss) family of 5 ( Angga. . . . .
42 Donors
CHF3,795 raised
54% funded
Help Peruvian Palaeontologists build a Fossil Preparation Lab!
English: Over the past 20 years, palaeontology in Peru has gained increasing attention from the scientific and general public due. . . . .
59 Donors
CHF3,563 raised
14% funded
Help Edwin Walk Again
Some of you may know Edwin. He was a driver in Kuwait working with many bankers and other business people. . . . .
12 Donors
$1,150 raised
46% funded
Jack’s road to success
Since the age of 3, I have always loved to be on skis. I was born in Sannen in the. . . . .
17 Donors
CHF3,500 raised
29% funded
Book for the next Generation of Camera Assistants
The Big Idea: A summary of the learnings of all kinds of camera assistants all over this planet, including their. . . . .
20 Donors
€1,010 raised
16% funded
Donate for a Peruvian Tribe and the Jungle.
I am collecting money to support the peruvian indigenous tribe called Shipibos. And also to their home the jungle. The. . . . .
9 Donors
CHF500 raised
16% funded
Diabetes Education and free blood sugar screening for vulnerable women of Cameroon
Our Campaign is to get funds as an Association, to help women suffering from diabetes in Cameroon. Our objective is. . . . .
12 Donors
CHF278 raised
13% funded