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Kunamge Sumudu Buddhika
Ahangama, LK

Joined on Nov 6, 2023

I am Sri Lankan. 42 years old. married There is one daughter. Not currently employed. The laborer lives by doing work.

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Help for Life
Support a struggling Sri Lankan family in their time of need. After losing their job amidst the ongoing economic crisis,
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Ayuda para salvar la mano de Angelica
Hola soy madre de Angelica Torres quien sufrió un accidente de transito y la mano izquierda tuvo 9 fracturas en
276 Donors
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Support Williams Dog Shelter During the Owners Illness
Dear Animal Lovers, We are raising funds to compensate manual workers at Williams Dog Shelter, Pareklissia Village, Cyprus during the. . . . .
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Helping out Ange, Tom and baby Ella.
I'm sure you are all now aware of Ange and Tom's devastating news. We are hoping to reach out for. . . . .
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Help Ricky Breathe
Father Ricky Gerena has been a staple of our community for decades. He has always shown how kindness and dedication. . . . .
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Helper fired for getting sick in Hong Kong: Help Rona continue to financially support her children
Rona was recently forced by her employer to sign what we believe is an illegal contract, saying that she quit,. . . . .
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Anna, Mamma Luna, our muse, teacher and most importantly our dear friend suffered a stroke. However, as many of you. . . . .
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Robert's Health Campaign
We are writing to you today to ask for your support in a time of great need. Robert Majer, the. . . . .
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Βοηθήστε μας να ξαναχτίσουμε το σπίτι μας μετά την φονική κακοκαιρία Daniel
Κακοκαιρία Daniel η πιο καταστροφική και φονική κακοκαιρία που έπληξε την Ελλάδα Η κακοκαιρία «Daniel» που χτύπησε την Ελλάδα, προκαλώντας. . . . .
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Give them a little get away!
If you are visiting this site then you probably know what John, Ruth and Elliot have been through recently. We
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Food and medical fund
Γεια σας, ονομάζομαι Σύλβια Ρόμπυν. Είμαι ένα τρανς αυτιστικό άτομο από την Αθήνα. Από τον Νοέμβριο 2022 βρίσκομαι σε πολύ. . . . .
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Help us end our homelessness. Home is where the Heart is.
David and I are currently residing in the Red Roof Inn in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We came to Indiana from. . . . .
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Mira’s Support Campaign: Fundraising for Maheen’s Cancer Treatment
Join me in supporting my wonderful friend, Maheen, with urgent medical and living expenses as she resumes cancer treatment. Maheen. . . . .
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Recuperação da vedação roubada no planalto da Serra da Freita
Apesar de muito esforço e um desenvolvimento forte e bonito das árvores plantadas desde o início de 2017, carvalhos roble,. . . . .
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Help the children
Please help! We have a young man in Uganda who has taken in 16 children who have no mother or
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friend in need of help
Recently, my friend's mom just got admitted to a hospital and is in a critical condition right now. My friend. . . . .
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Refugee support activities through Japanese martial arts(Nippon Kempo日本拳法)
「Education Policy of the United hope refugee education center」“Young people need love, attention and care to know they are valuable;. . . . .
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Run Fatboy Run
Help me raise £500 to give my special nephew a new P-pod chair I am going to attempt the Great. . . . .
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Help An Incest Survivor To Keep Her Home and Medical Treatments
Hello everyone, I'm Ray from Japan. I'm a survivor of sexual assault by my biological father and twin sister and. . . . .
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U12 Mpumalanga Rhinos Cricket Tour
My son, Trystan Watt, has been privileged enough to be selected to represent the U12 Mpumalanga Rhino's team. The provincial. . . . .
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Kunamge Sumudu Buddhika
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