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Generation to Generation: Eating Pebble Soup
Background Generation to Generation is a three time award winning documentary series about the survivors of the Holocaust. However the. . . . .
59 Donors
$6,690 raised
66% funded
TumbleWEEDS Remount
TumbleWEEDS is a full length play written by Anuhea Brown which dissects the experience of six Black and Brown individuals. . . . .
44 Donors
$2,575 raised
128% funded
Watching the Wilds
Watching the Wilds is a short documentary film (roughly 15 minutes in length) about lookout towers used to spot and. . . . .
19 Donors
$1,795 raised
119% funded
Carrie’s Live Album
Help Carrie cross the finish line! We are in post-production of her live album from Israel, with a RELEASE DATE
103 Donors
$8,960 raised
66% funded
Finding Love
Filmmaker Viola Voltairine and author Renee Lane are raising money for the production of the film adaptation of Renee's book. . . . .
533 Donors
$45,654 raised
60% funded
Samantha Smith's New Album
Welcome to my fundraising page! After ten years of writing and performing music, I am thrilled to be finally recording. . . . .
82 Donors
$5,299 raised
52% funded
Free thinking
Free thinking is all about bringing the creative minds of tomarrow together to express the thoughts and feelings of the
2 Donors
$3,795 raised
47% funded
The film: ARO’S WORLD The Genre:: Horror Synopsis: This story is about two brothers whose relationship is tested when the. . . . .
12 Donors
$1,350 raised
45% funded
About Bageecha and The Director Bageecha (meaning 'garden' in Hindi) is the story of an aged gardener who has made. . . . .
73 Donors
$6,054 raised
40% funded
Bermas Brigade Media Month 19
I am an independent documentary filmmaker and content creator on YouTube that goes live several times a day and focuses. . . . .
71 Donors
$1,941 raised
38% funded
Help Me Become An Animator!!
I want to get more into digital art and animation, but as I will be going off to college soon,. . . . .
7 Donors
$410 raised
35% funded
The Surface Of The Everyday
WAIT, WHAT IS THIS FILM ABOUT? Proust would say: "We only know what is new. That for which habit has. . . . .
11 Donors
$3,000 raised
30% funded

Success Stories

Rent Free – A Short Film

A group of students from Temasek Polytechnic, Digital Film & Television used crowdfunding to fund their film project based around COVID19 and its consequences. They were able to successfully complete their project.

17 donors raised SG$1,170

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Ayer Hitam: A Black History of Singapore

A group of writers and performers raised funds to allow them to research and produce a lecture educating others about Singapore’s forgotten connections with Africa and the Black community.

29 donors raised SG$3,000.00

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Resonus Recording

Kenneth used crowdfunding to cover the costs of using the Klais organ of Symphony Hall, Birmingham to record his second volume of organ works. His campaign was 159% funded!

22 donors raised £3,995.

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PYT vs. Rough Runner

Young people from The Point Youth Theatre did a sponsored ‘Rough Runner’ race. They raised funds to help the theatre continue its wonderful work with young people.

125 donors raised £2,471

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Dave Starke – Shifting Boundaries – Album Completion and Launch

GoGetFunding enabled David Starke to create his second original album. Without his successful campaign, he would have struggled to follow his creative dream.

20 donors raised ZAR10,000

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A Short Film “Park Life”

A small team of film students used crowdfunding to fund their final student short film “Park Life”. Their campaign allowed them to pursue their creative goals.

13 donors raised ZAR5,000.00

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6.12 Full Record of CITIC Siege

A group of people banded together to document the personal experience of 30 people present at the siege of CITIC in Hong Kong. They successfully crowdfunded to produce a diary, sharing the truth.

218 Donors raised HK$53,133

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I Hear the Trees Whispering – Feature Film

Jozsef Gallai, an indie film maker, set up his campaign to raise the remaining funds needed to complete his latest film. His campaign was 249%, allowing him to reach his creative goals.

41 donors raised US$7,478.00

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