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Hi Beautiful People! I am new to fundraising, so just please bare with me. I Raise Funds for old people that are in real need of funds help.

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Please Read is Important
Hi and Thank you for taking your time in reading this post🙏 This donating page has been created for this. . . . .
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Help Me Save My Parents
What happened to my parents can happen to yours - or any of us! So please give, and allow my. . . . .
179 Donors
$85,787 raised
114% funded
Xavier life is in an EMERGENCY situation!
English version below.. Xavier Saunier a besoin de l aide de toutes les ames chaleureuse pour etre transfere en France. . . . .
1073 Donors
€35,700 raised
71% funded
Baby Helga is fighting Guillain-barré syndrome, please help us raise funds for her medications.
Feb 1: Few days ago, Helga is finally diagnosed with a rare nerve infection called Guillain- Barre Syndrome. She's given. . . . .
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₱27,060 raised
5% funded
Help Jenny get her life back
Detta är vår mamma Jenny, hon lider av EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrom), detta påverkar hennes bindväv och innebär bland annat. . . . .
51 Donors
kr23,900 raised
3% funded
Our Fight for my brother
Hi everyone! We are in need of dire help for my youngest brother, Jovel. Jovel is a sweet and caring. . . . .
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₱13,100 raised
My 3 year old Siamese cat, Gray, has been sick for more than a week now and he has been. . . . .
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Help for Nini’s battle with Cancer!
This fundraising campaign is for the bravest woman we know, our mom. As a single parent, mama did everything for. . . . .
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Televiziune crestina online
Un proiect care a devenit de maximă prioritate pentru organizația noastră îl reprezintă dezvoltarea și lansarea unei platforme tv online.. . . . .
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Afrin Call
#SaveAfrin Afrin is a district as well as a city in the North of Syria, and has become part of. . . . .
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