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My life has become a nightmare, an ultrasound showed that I have an ovarian tumor, other studies (TOMOGRAPHY) diagnosed me. . . . .
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I want my life back
I left school in 1993 full of hope and dreams. In 1997, i started getting pain in my pelvic area.. . . . .
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Raising medical funds for 9th endometriosis excision surgery
Help Bugah Cidorine Iem cover medical expenses for her 9th endometriosis excision surgery. Bugah is a young warrior who has. . . . .
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miranda health insurance
I'm writing to you today with great humility and embarrassment. Friends, I need your help. Last year, when I signed. . . . .
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Endometriosis and adenomyosis excision surgery
Tekst na hrvatskom jeziku se nalazi ispod verzije na engleskom. I am 22 years old student from Croatia. I received. . . . .
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Help Barbara finish her treatment!
Hello Everyone! My name is Gabriel, I am 27 years old and this beautiful lady by my side on the. . . . .
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Granitos de Arena para Marby
GRANITOS DE ARENA PARA MARBY ¡Hola!, mi nombre es Marbella Yepis, radico en Tijuana, B.C.N., tengo 39 años de edad.. . . . .
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help Azalaih’s mom endometriosis Surgery
Azaliah's mom Stefferny was diagnosed with endometriosis and is scheduled for surgery on March 1st 2024. She will be undergoing
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Surgery for endometriosis
hey my name is Sara and I’m from Iceland 🇮🇸 I have endometriosis and was diagnosed at age 12. I. . . . .
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Endometriosis surgery
I’ve tried to publish a campaign like this before but it seems to have failed. The only reason I’m really
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hoping for a baby
My husband (36) and I (30) been together for going on 14 yrs and have had 8 miscarriages I have
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Endometriosis funding
hi. I have decided to make a fundraising page as I have hit a brick wall. I had endometriosis removed. . . . .
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I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid in 2013 after years of excess pain and bleeding during my menstrual cycle. I. . . . .
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Help me Save a Life
Help me Save a Life My name is Antonio de Freitas, first I would like to greet you all and. . . . .
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Help Treasa undergo surgery of Endometrial Cancer
Hello, My name is Treasa Johnson, and I am requesting funds to undergo laparotomy surgery to treat my Endometrial Cancer.. . . . .
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