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Emergency Support for BANTU Brazil!
Help BANTU raise 2,500.00 USD to continue its operations for the next 2 months in Brazil! The BANTU Cultural Institute,. . . . .
16 Donors
$1,340 raised
53% funded
Autism diagnosis
Hi, I'm /u/dilutedmaggot from Reddit.All the money gathered will be used to fund a neuropsychological evaluation, and possibly help my
4 Donors
$450 raised
100% funded
Help the Amazon's Forest Guardians Protect the Forest
The Krikati Indigenous Land, located in Maranhão between the Amazon and Cerrado, is one of the most affected indigenous lands. . . . .
1 Donors
€3,000 raised
100% funded
Go to Birmingham with my team.
-English: Hello, my name is Bruno Rieper, better known as xDesk23, and I am passionate about Apex Legends. The squad. . . . .
16 Donors
€700 raised
100% funded
Help an autistic, trans Plural escape their abusive household
We are a disabled, autistic and transgender Plural System. We can't share too much about our situation, not while we. . . . .
25 Donors
$1,435 raised
86% funded
Marina Mac Fund
One day I decided to combine my fascination with history and skill using Photoshop. I started to restore and put. . . . .
165 Donors
$4,170 raised
69% funded
Help Bru
EDIT 5th March: Today we had another fight. I came back from the work, he them came home drunk and. . . . .
39 Donors
$1,314 raised
65% funded
“Goosey” Onstage
This campaign aims to fund the theatrical production of Goosey - my first original stage play. Goosey is the winner. . . . .
14 Donors
$3,020 raised
60% funded
We need help to rebuild our home
I was left with nothing but some clothes and shoes that fitted in a suitcase after a break up, sent. . . . .
9 Donors
$506 raised
50% funded