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We’ve helped people from all over Croatia crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Karlo samo želi priliku
2018.g. u starosti od samo 10mj., Moj sin je pretrpio teška oštećenja lubanje i mozga. Nastradao je kao pješak na. . . . .
555 Donors
€19,904 raised
74% funded
Marko’s AMDA scholarship fund: Be a part of his remarkable journey
Life isn't just what one sometimes expects and it can surprise you in all segments. This is a story about. . . . .
193 Donors
€8,880 raised
52% funded
Help us finish the school for children of Arusha, Tanzania
scroll down for the CROATIAN translation SATINO is the non-profit organization (abbreviation for Save and Teach the Innocent) with the. . . . .
348 Donors
€16,486 raised
395% funded
Future for Nika
Dear friends, Our daughter Nika is 7years old. In these 7 years of her life, she had a raugh path.. . . . .
111 Donors
€4,311 raised
215% funded
donkey barn
We are raising money to build a new barn for Castro donkey. The funds will be used to purchase the. . . . .
14 Donors
€545 raised
109% funded
Support Sunchi Through Accident Recovery
Two months ago Sunchi had a heavy car accident and suffered multiple pelvis fractures, ulna ( one of the forearm. . . . .
81 Donors
€2,082 raised
104% funded
Suncokret Center for Community Development & KIDS EARTH FUND Croatia
We are continuing our fundraising campaign! Our area sustained severe damage after the 3 strong earthquakes at the end of. . . . .
119 Donors
€7,150 raised
102% funded
Help an old sick dog to go back to his furever pawrent
Hi, I am Bolt and this is my long story short.. Seven. I think I’m seven. In human years I’m. . . . .
21 Donors
$2,009 raised
100% funded
Tango Zagreb
Tko smo mi? Mi smo Tango Zagreb, škola argentinskog tanga koja djeluje od 2005. godine. Podučavajući stotine ljudi i nudeći. . . . .
76 Donors
€4,999 raised
83% funded