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My mothers lung cancer
Mamma mín greindist með lungna krabbamein í nóvember Hún er búin að berjast við veikindi í mörg ár, en nú. . . . .
29 Donors
€1,320 raised
52% funded
Help mother of 2 fight rare breast cancer
Elsku þið. Núna þurfum við að snúa að ykkur fyrir hjálp. Nú leitum við til ykkar fyrir hjálp. Við höfum. . . . .
43 Donors
$2,405 raised
48% funded
Help Ghassan and his family get out of hell.
Ghassan is 1 years and 7 months old. He is in an old tent with no food and living in
27 Donors
£958 raised
13% funded
We need to get back to Iceland from the US, Hanna Run 25 Alexander 25 and Elenora 4 months. Hanna
10 Donors
$553 raised
27% funded
Ármann vill gifta sig
Hefð tengdafjölskyldunnar segir svo að ég þurfi að biðja um leyfi til að giftast kærustu minni, en svo óheppilega vill
5 Donors
€275 raised
16% funded
Fundraiser for new drone
Yesterday I have lost þy drone. It hit a cliff or was attached by a birds next the cliff. At. . . . .
14 Donors
€194 raised
14% funded
Cancer treatment for Asta
Ásta was diagnosed with high grade serous carcinoma in the early days of may in 2020. Since than the battle. . . . .
12 Donors
$1,330 raised
1% funded
Help Sherif and his family to leave Gaza
Sherif and his family (his wife and their three beautiful children; Kenan, 9, Kenda, 5, and Sahar, 4) are currently. . . . .
6 Donors
$350 raised
1% funded
Indoor Skatepark in Iceland
Skuggi Is a Skateboarding shop in Iceland and it's the only skateboarding shop at the moment which focuses only on. . . . .
5 Donors
$303 raised