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We’ve helped people from all over Sri Lanka crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Thulasi Muttulingam
Want to get more news, features, research articles and social media posts from Jaffna and other parts of Northern, and. . . . .
23 Donors
$1,380 raised
17% funded
Help Sri Lanka
Help Sri Lanka charity hosted by myself goes straight into providing meals and essential packs for the homeless and suffering.. . . . .
30 Donors
$1,234 raised
16% funded
nATANDA Dance Studio Campaign
The truth is we never really closed our nATANDA Studio. We simply couldn’t afford to shut the gates on the. . . . .
6 Donors
€313 raised
10% funded
Teaching in Sri-Lanka 2015
Hello Everyone! Welcome to my FundRaising page. Some of you may already know but for those of you who don't. . . . .
17 Donors
£310 raised
31% funded
Help Sri Lankan Lady Entrepreneur during COVID 19 Crisis
RELIEF MEASURES TO ASSIST COVID-19 AFFECTED STAFF AND DEPENDENTS im Susan from Sri Lanka, i own a small business in. . . . .
2 Donors
$225 raised
22% funded
Help My Team Buy a Badminton Shuttle Feeder
About Me and My Team I am a passionate Badminton player and a coach trying to empower the young men. . . . .
5 Donors
$215 raised
34% funded
Help build a shelter and home for abandoned dogs
We are building a shelter for Dogs! My Story For the past 10 years, I have been a foster mother. . . . .
7 Donors
$265 raised
4% funded
Help to Start Dog Orphanage – Habarana Sri Lanka
Hello, We ( VTS Lanka Tours ) planning to start Dog Orphanage in Habarana Sri Lanka to rescue street dogs. . . . .
3 Donors
$154 raised
Save a Life – Donate For Poor
Help Poor People's Make a Donation & Save Poor Life. Thanks. Donate With Bitcoin: 1MKRWJTkNSSrCDDGPQZZfrqfkk9VVAvMvs Donate With PayPal: [email protected] Donate
2 Donors
$101 raised