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The house we wanted to move into was destroyed in the earthquake, we invested all our savings in it. The
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Pomozimo Luciji da ponovno hoda
Lucija je 22-godišnja djevojka koja je prošle godine u 10. mjesecu doživjela nesreću. Prilikom spremanja kukuruza, Luciju je zahvatio "kardan". . . . .
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Dear Friends and Family, The years 2019 and 2020 has shown me FLAMES to the point that it has brought. . . . .
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A petition for our friend, Octavian – not a hand out, a hand up.
This is a petition for aid for one of our own AOL family members. To all of you who know. . . . .
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Building houses for poor families
IHCRO alongside Laila Maali and her family& friends will be taking on this beautiful charitable initiative to build small homes. . . . .
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Historic Pioneer Chapel at Poowong Refurbishment Project
The Pioneer Chapel at Poowong is the oldest public building in the Shire of South Gippsland (VIC, Australia), originally constructed. . . . .
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Please help me
Hi everyone my name is Moya Smith. I’m a black trans woman and I’m in dire need of help. A. . . . .
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Grieving family of nine in crisis
I am a recently widowed mum of 9 children who is just struggling to get through this time and stay. . . . .
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