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To start a business of buying and selling ornamental fish
I am raising these funds to start a business of buying and selling ornamental fish. These funds will be used
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To start a business of buying and selling rice flies
I am raising money to start a business of buying and selling rice flies. I will use these funds to
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Elvi Vergara
Elvi Vergara is a domestic helper who has been allegedly physically, mentally and verbally abused by her employers so much. . . . .
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Helping Takeshi Polar Ueki rebuild his studio
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hello dear reader!
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Kenn Smith Business Covid Relief in Vietnam
Vietnam's economy has been hard hit by Covid lockdowns and travel bans. Most small businesses serve tourism and travel. My. . . . .
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Streatham Wine House
UPDATE! Thank you everyone for all of your amazing contributions to date! We have had such an amazing response for. . . . .
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Help my Ukraine now
My name is Yana Elenkova, 35 years old. I was born in Ukraine to a Ukrainian mother and a Bulgarian. . . . .
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Overcoming Adversity: Alfredo’s Journey to Resilience
After being deported to Mexico I started over and it wasn't easy, but when my wife and kids moved in. . . . .
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Bicycle Donation Ride for Children in Need in Sri Lanka
On my recent birthday, I took a moment to reflect on my goals for the upcoming year, and something became. . . . .
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Opatijski komorni orkestar u Splitu
Pozdrav, moje ime je Damir Smerdel i ovim putem bih vam htio predstaviti Opatijski komorni orkestar kao njegov utemeljitelj i. . . . .
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Maui Fire Donation Shipping & Cash Donations
I was born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii - it was my home for 21 years, and much of my. . . . .
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Pls help rescued cat Smudge catch his flight to the UK on 29th of September!
Smudge is one of the 14 cats that we rescued from an abandoned storage unit in Aáli- Bahrain 5 months. . . . .
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Since money is essential for my education - Help start a small bussiness 🙏🙏🙏
Hellow,Amazing supporters, I am a university girl. My mother lives the family by sewing clothes and it is not enough. . . . .
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Start up jewellery business
Our vision is to make contemporary designed jewellery accessible to everyone. We’re not just a jewellery brand, we’re a movement.. . . . .
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