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Free Yusuf Bail Fund
UPDATE, 5/9/2017: Dear all, Thank you for your kind generosity in helping us reach our goal to make bail for. . . . .
208 Donors
$21,642 raised
103% funded
Attorney fees – Almost there..
Everyone pretty much has an idea of what I am going through - I was able to sell a bit. . . . .
14 Donors
$2,500 raised
83% funded
Justice for Dr. Kim!
This is insane! Dr. Kim, an esteemed practitioner of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, has a spotless criminal record and is. . . . .
42 Donors
$15,259 raised
76% funded
Bring Donzell McCauley Home
My name is Pam Bailey, and I am the co-founder of More Than Our Crimes. One of the individuals in. . . . .
14 Donors
$5,300 raised
75% funded
Kai the Hitchhiker Legal Fundraiser
On February 1, 2013; Kai saved women from a crazy homicidal white supremacist. 3 months later, he woke up on. . . . .
243 Donors
$10,681 raised
71% funded
Freedom For Aaron
FREEDOM FOR AARON WHAT WAS HIS CRIME?At age 17, he injured Joe, the young man who murdered his lifelong friend,. . . . .
31 Donors
$3,105 raised
62% funded
Legal Defense for Logan Glitterbomb
One of our most prolific writers, Logan Marie Glitterbomb, is currently facing charges in Florida for self-defense. We’re calling on. . . . .
193 Donors
$9,118 raised
60% funded
John Knospler
John will be eligible for a clemency hearing in April of 2025 - the ten year mark of his incarceration. . . . .
421 Donors
$34,875 raised
58% funded
Support Lori’s Parental Right to PROTECT HER DAUGHTER
Lori Matheson, 37, Michigan, has been engaged in a legal dispute for months with her ex-husband, the father of her. . . . .
292 Donors
$7,677 raised
51% funded
Help Nolo visit the U.S.!
Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting our fundraising page. As many of you know, my wonderful husband of almost two years. . . . .
42 Donors
$3,575 raised
51% funded
Matthew Bak LegalDefenseCampaign
On Friday, Nov. 3, we learned my brother, beloved Oak Ridge school bus driver and piano instructor Matthew Bak, was. . . . .
16 Donors
$2,120 raised
42% funded
Lawsuit to Regain Control of the Libertarian Party
Why we're filing this lawsuit:Our Libertarian Party, which activists worked for decades to build, is being intentionally destroyed. In May. . . . .
9 Donors
$2,045 raised
20% funded

Success Stories

Bail Fund for the Chicago Pride 8

8 protestors were arrested during Chicago Pride while honouring their transgender, queer, Black, Brown and Native ancestors. Friends set up a campaign to cover their bail and legal costs.

206 donors raised US$5,081

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Help Immigrant Mother Fight Her Case

Alejandro set up a campaign to help him fight unjust treatment by a police officer towards his immigrant family member. His campaign helped him cover the legal charges.

67 donors raised US$2,830

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Jay Hughes Release funds

Jay was detained in a Dubai prison so his friends stepped up to raise funds to help him through his hard time until he could return to the UK.

49 donors raised £1,180

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“Support Social Workers, Protect Justice” Crowdfunding

Battlefield Social Workers set up a campaign to raise funds for litigation expenses, allowing them to fight for justice and defend social workers who were unjustly treated by law enforcement.

4308 donors raised HK$3,360,100

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Justice for Andreas Georgiou, Former Head of Greek Statistical Agency

Andreas Georgiou was facing unjust legal action which was detrimentally affecting the life of himself and his family. Patrick Armstrong stepped up to raise funds for his legal defence, fighting for his rights.

397 donors raised US$41,031

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Help Sven With Urgent Legal Costs to Fight Deportation!

Sven, an animal liberation prisoner, was sentenced to 5 years in prison after fighting for animal rights. After the Home Office planned to deport him, IWOC Prisoner Support fundraised to pay his legal fees.

60 donors raised £2,010

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Private Prosecution and Civil Injunction Against Police Brutality

Mr Hui Chi Fung, of the Legislative Council in Hong Kong, fundraised to cover litigation costs against cases of police brutality during the riots. They fought for the rights of the people.

7,764 donors raised HK$3,514,290

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