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I am a volunteer helping the NGO raise funds

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Aid to People & Their Pets Affected by Beirut’s Terrible August 4th 2020 Explosion
Sadly, another humanitarian disaster struck Beirut - this time causing the deaths of more than 160 people and affecting over. . . . .
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$1,700 raised
PAW Lebanon: Funding for Dog Shelter Campaign
As per the World bank press 21 January 2021 press release “…Lebanon has been facing compounded and unprecedented crises. A. . . . .
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$1,500 raised
Urgent Help Needed For Animal Rescue Missions in Lebanon
My name is Jad and I am an animal lover and a supporter of PAW (Perpetual Animal Watch) in Beirut,. . . . .
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$800 raised
Supporting Animal Care Through Sustainable Solutions
Ever thought of what an ambitious group of animal lovers with a big dream are capable of? No? Watch our. . . . .
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