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Help me Build a Nice Poultry House
Hi everyone,am Kennedy Kiri-ago from kenya with big dreams of growing my poultry project.I started from scratch though there is. . . . .
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Jasper Sinclaire
Jasper Sinclaire Media, Inc started in 2002. The Corporation has 4 divisions. We are located in the heart of the. . . . .
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Martha VS. MS
January this year, I got the diagnosis Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – a demyelinating disease in which the insulating covers of. . . . .
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Help Syaqir Battle Septecemia
Syaqir, 14 years old, is suffering from Septecemia (blood poisoning) and currently in ICU at a government hospital. His body. . . . .
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Justice For Larry Burgess II
A very close and dear friend of mine has been suffering from debilitating seizures for many years. For many years. . . . .
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Help give her another life …
Sonam Pedon is a young girl from a remote village called Bjabcho in Chhukha district of Bhutan, studying in her. . . . .
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Fund My Life
I'm 18, from Australia. I'm currently struggling to save money on a very small weekly pay, I cannot afford to
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