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for my wedding
First of all, may God bless you all for the good of all of you. I'm an electrical contractor. It's. . . . .
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Support KL Judo’s Project Gold
Judo is one of the most underfunded sports in Malaysia. Malaysia hasn't had a Southeast Asian (SEA) Games champion in. . . . .
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Help my Ukraine now
My name is Yana Elenkova, 35 years old. I was born in Ukraine to a Ukrainian mother and a Bulgarian. . . . .
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Ebert/Schwartbauer Wedding
We got engaged about 5 years ago now. We have had to keep pushing our wedding out further and further. . . . .
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Let’s Make the Wedding Happen!
I want make my future wife most happiness women in the world! I have some financial difficulties now, so i
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D&M Festival Wedding
Help us create a weekend for all to remember! Of loves, laughs and larking in field!
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A Goodbye to Akira Takayama san
My dear colleague Akira Takayama san living in Japan, Tokyo has suddenly passed away on Monday 10th July. Akira san. . . . .
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Let’s get Fehèr to Iceland
My dear foster cat for 2 years now still doesn’t have a stable future home and it breaks my heart. . . . .
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Volunteering in Ghana
I’m off to Ghana on the 2nd of September with The Mighty Roar, to volunteer in Dixcove Government Hospital in. . . . .
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The Vede (known Merkužič) Family Mežica Slovenia
We lost our house because of floods in our Country. We also lost all of ours belongings. We had to
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