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Poverty often hinders the education of many children in many places.
Poverty often hinders the education of many children in many places. They do not have enough funds to purchase learning. . . . .
25 Donors
€510 raised
102% funded
Need books to support village schools in China
Rainbow Bridge is a volunteer base which is located in Zhangjiakou city, China. We aim to set up a culture. . . . .
5 Donors
$101 raised
33% funded
Please SAFE my daughter - ShiHan - A kid with Acute promyelocytic leukemia
My daughter, Shihan, is in desperate need of medical funding. She is dying due to a lack of funds. Please. . . . .
10 Donors
$460 raised
Nikki Zhu´s Mother got Cancer, please help here to get a chance!
My name is David Fischer, I am from Germany, I am starting this campaing of donation to help a pen. . . . .
3 Donors
$160 raised
Single mom need support for new home renovation
Dear All, I am a single Mom with a 8 year old kid. Kid's father pass away due to sudden. . . . .
1 Donors
HK$111 raised
Fundraiser for Cindy’s fight against breast cancer
Hi guys, Not sure if you've heard of Cindy's story. She was unfortunately diagnosed with luminal B in mid-term breast. . . . .
4 Donors
£60 raised
6% funded
Project introduction: Diseases often cause a family to become desperate and helpless. It is definitely the greatest misfortune of patients.
1 Donors
$50 raised
1% funded
I need everyone’s help
I am Chinese and I am lucky to know this fundraising platform. My name is Jiang Tao. I am 33. . . . .
1 Donors
$50 raised
MBBS Tuition fees
Hi,I am a fifth year medical student in China, at Jinzhou Medical University.My studies have been catered for by my. . . . .
1 Donors
$20 raised