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Maxthernath Marketing Brand
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Ayuda para salvar la mano de Angelica
Hola soy madre de Angelica Torres quien sufrió un accidente de transito y la mano izquierda tuvo 9 fracturas en
276 Donors
MX$68,760 raised
687% funded
Ryan’s Helping Hands
Dear friends and family, Ryan's journey with cancer has taken a heartbreaking turn, as the cancer has returned and spread. . . . .
421 Donors
$53,839 raised
63% funded
Raising Anime Production Budgets – A Collaboration with Aya Hirano
With the support of anime fans, we're tackling the long-standing issue of underpaid animators. Our objective is to foster a. . . . .
1011 Donors
$48,284 raised
48% funded
New Anime Making System Project
It's been six years since we first launched the Animator Dormitory Project, our organization has finally reached a stable operation.. . . . .
349 Donors
$23,577 raised
78% funded
Growing Memories & Hope
Our son, Sidney, is 17 years old & was diagnosed 2 years ago with dementia, making it unsafe for him. . . . .
17 Donors
$5,820 raised
97% funded
Help Us Survive for the Month
Hi, I'm Scarlett, and beside me is my partner, Jo. We're a queer couple in the Philippines. Please help us. . . . .
8 Donors
$750 raised
100% funded
Winter of Hope: A Call for Compassion and Support in Gaza
Winter of Hope: A Call for Compassion and Support in Gaza As winter unfolds its chilling embrace over Gaza, more. . . . .
30 Donors
€688 raised
1% funded
Maxthernath Marketing Brand
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