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Our Backstory

Imagine a life waking up every morning to the feeling of stepping on needles. Not being able to do simple tasks everyday becomes normal due to your pain and lying in bed is the only place you want to be. For my husband this was our lives 3 years ago, we tried every massage, stretch, and anecdote we could think of to help with the pain, but nothing helped. After much research we found that tight calf muscles is the cause of PF and 10% of the United State's population will suffer from heel and foot pain, especially Plantar Fasciitis.. My husband was on a mission to fix not only his feet, but everyone he could. He began designing The Leg Tech. With the heel strap that wraps around the foot and brings your toes into a complete dorsiflexion stretch, this device could stretch the feet, heels, calves, hamstrings, and even lower back while sitting in a complete stationary position. After 2-3 weeks of using The Leg Tech, my husband could walk, move, run and even play with the kids again. His foot pain was gone and he has not suffered from this pain since. We have spent the past 2 years trying to perfect the design and comfort of The Leg Tech.

Meet Team Leg Tech

My husband Benito Morales, founder of The Leg Tech was a CDL truck driver for many years, this is how he begin developing Plantar Fasciitis. As parents of 4 his pain and suffering put a big damper in the way we lived life. He did not want to be involved in any of the activities with the kids and I, until he built and used The Leg Tech. After the pain was gone Benito began working for a neighbor down the street rebuilding and modeling houses, Jacob Leslie and his family soon became good friends with our family. I have always said that Benito and Jacob were cut from the same cloth, the way they thought, designed, and dreamed always seemed similar. When we showed Jacob The Leg Tech and the idea behind our dream, he soon became the first investor and our Co-Founder. My name is Renee Morales, project manager, web designer, and online marketing guru for The Leg Tech team. As a stay at home mom I have spent all my extra time learning about web design and the new marketing world. While Benito and Jacob work their day to day jobs, making ends meet, I try to make as many leaps forward to make this dream a reality.

How The Leg Tech Works

The Leg Tech does not focus on just the heel, calf, or hamstring, but the entire posterior leg. By pulling the toes tight during the dorsiflexion of the foot the stretching of the Plantar Fascia pulls through the Achilles tendon in return stretching the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) in return stretching the biceps femoris (hamstring). The Leg tech is also a hand free device that you can strap on, adjust, and sit to watch your favorite show, read your book, or just enjoy the outside air while getting a deep and complete stretch.

Our Success so Far

After many meetings and prototypes to perfect the design of The Leg Tech we finally find the design that worked for us and allowed everyone to accomplish the stretch they need. We have made leaps and bounds with our start up and work hard everyday to move a little forward in the right direction. We are currently patent pending in the U.S. and with your help can move our patent to other countries. Benito, Jacob, and I build The Leg Techs in the office at our home, or what we call The Leg Tech headquarters. We are in the process of trying to find a manufacturer to build for us and hopefully save us some time. Our next step is moving the product from our website to Amazon.

For marketing we use all social media outlets and google ads. We have shipped The Leg Tech to a chiropractor, physical therapist, and a podiatrist. We have received nothing but wonderful reviews, stating that the stretch was amazing, the support of the belt on their backs was great, and that they would recommend this product if on Amazon.

The Snap Fitness gym in our town has a device and they are currently using it for their pre stretching workouts and yoga classes.

Our Goal

After watching so many people online and personally in our lives suffer from things such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendon, Heel Spurs, Restless Leg Syndrome, or even weak legs from the inability to stretch, we knew the Leg Tech needed to be complete. We hope to one day be the healing source for injuries listed above, the face for rehabilitation, and the future of physical therapy. The Leg Tech is not just for Plantar Fasciitis, but the care and conditioning for your muscles and ligaments. Our Goal is to change the way people move and stretch everyday.

How Funding Can Help

With help from others like you, we would be able to develop even more devices to sell on Amazon, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, and in store. We could complete the patent process including other countries besides the U.S. which would help with allowing manufacturing and dive deeper into launching our marketing online and offline. As we move forward we would love to bring The Leg Tech to 5k's and other athletic events around Austin, Tx to show people a way to get the stretch their legs need everyday. Funding would help us with making this dream become a complete reality and allow The Leg Tech to become the face of rehabilitation and a pain free life.

Thank you for listening to our story and our dream. Stretching everyday can help aid in the healing process and prevent so many aches, pains, obesity, RLS, and even arthritis. If people could move the way they were meant to move again then we might have a little bit of a different world.



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Feb 27

Into the hands

Update posted by Renee Mender at 09:35 pm

This past week was amazing pieces added to the puzzle. We currently were noticed on Twitter by a UFC fighter of the name Diego Sanchez and per request we shipped him The Leg Tech to try personally. I will be updating soon on our progress after Mr. Sanchez has looked

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Feb 10


Update posted by Renee Mender at 04:19 pm

We successfully listed The Leg Tech on Amazon. This is such a beautiful step forward. Thank you everyone for the support.

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