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This is my niece Jessica, We ugently need to get her to a private Neurosurgeon for treatment.

Here is her story.

Jessica is only 15 years old, about a year and a half ago she started having some or other kind of fits, the Dr's do not know what is causing these fits or how to treat them (we are still unsure of the kind of fits these are). The last 4 months things have started getting really bad as she now stops breathing during these fits. It takes some times up to an hour before she comes around again and is in alot of pain afterwards, he is battling with headaches before and after these fits aswell.

She is currently being rushed to Boitumello hospital up to 5 times a day, and it seems they not sure how to help her, she is currently on Epitec 100mg which doesnt seem to be helping as she is still having fits daily. She has been on countless other medication that only made things worse, she has had numerous tests done and the Dr are not sure what to do now. We have finally got her a referal to Bloemfontein hospital for the 20 th September for further testing but we are not sure if they will find the cause or a treatment.

We are asking you to please assist us so we can get her to a private specialist and get the necessary tests done to ensure she can get the right treatment to finally end her daily fits.

Thank you all.


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