Jeremiah 29:5

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It’s the morning of 26 August 2019, and it’s with a humble desperation that I seek help. January 2017 my husband passed away under difficult circumstances.

There was a bond registered on my home to cover unexpected needs. My son paid the bond, we had an agreement that it would serve as his rent for the two bedroom flat. My daughter stayed in the one bedroom apartment and was paying the electricity bill.

I sold my car January 2019 to go teach in Asia which was arrange beforehand. However, on arrival I was caught up in a scam with no place to go. My eldest son went with me and we found a flat within 8 days he got Dengue fever and I had to nurse him at home as we could not afford medical help. We were also misinformed about when the schools open and we were sitting in Cambodia without work, that was promised to us. The morning of my date of birth I’ve received and texted message from my daughter back in South Africa that she was scared to her whit ends to tell me before I left, but she is about to give birth to a girl. Jano and myself was sitting in a country that due to his illness we were set back another 9 days to seek work. We sat with what is left of my car money and we decided that he will go to Vientam and I will return home. I do have a home I thought.

My son moved into the main apartment with his fiancé and I end up in the one bedroom. I sold my furniture one by one to support my daughter with the birth of my granddaughter and to buy the baby the basics needs. Things turn sour on the property and my son felt he was contributing too much and he told me that he cannot support me anymore.Since I got back home, I am looking after the six month old Caroline, my granddaughter. My daughter barely earn enough to support her and her baby girl. I do my best to apply for each en every job that is advertised, but to date no success. I then thought of moving in with my daughter in the two bedroom and renting out the unit as a self catering.But I have to do plumbing work and the patio is gravel, which needs to be finish and kitchen cupboards need to be fit, then just basic furniture and I can start making a living for myself and support my daughter financially with Caroline. A week after this self catering unit was born in my heart my son came down and informed me that they are moving out.Leaving me with the bond with no income what so ever.

Father showed me that He is dealing with unrighteousness. Shabbath of 17th August Father gave me Jeremiah 29, but not just the well-known promise but “Build houses, and dwell in them; and plant gardens,and eat the fruit of them;”….. if it goes well with Babylon it will be good for me. I need desperate help to finish the basics in these two units to start advertising it as self catering units. My vision is to start making organic soap and soap bars, baking bread and making jam to sell to customers who booked a unit. I am very talented and done several paintings in the past which I gave away. But without any paint or canvas I cant do it. I have machines to do needle work and love crochet. I can with Abba Yah’s help, finish the work within two weeks and put these units on the internet etc,, Airbnb, tripadvisor. I wanted to buy fruit trees and in time start a vegetable garden, as we enter the last of days I just can see Fathers hand in this all. I will pay the bond monthly first and slowly buy ingredients to start the soap etc but trust Abba that it will be so blessed that I would be able to pay more into the bond each month in order to get this property debt free but with trees and gardens to provide in all the needs. I want to call this project the Jeremiah 29:5 project and name the units Grace (this is my granddaughter Caroline’s second name) and the other one Ein Gedi because I had an special encounter at Ein Gedi in 2014 and I gladly share this: En-Gedi עֵין גֶּדִי, .It was in this hour of desperation that I heard En-Gedi, as if the Rauch of Yahweh were saying: "Remember En-Gedi. Remember the battle is Mine. Stand and see.

"Father, thank You that You’re in control and that You're going to put “coincidences” in my life, for the rest of my life until You come for Your set-apart bride, that will save me and turn my circumstances around. Thank You that You have appointed me as priest and king, not to die in the wilderness. So I ask You to guide me into the places where You can use me and I can develop others who will also lead Your people well. Amein. THIS WAS A PRAYER THAT IVE PRAYED AT EIN GEDI IN 2014 AND I BELIEVE THIS IS TRUE FOR MY SITUATION. I want to dedicate these units to the Kingdom and to get on my feet to be able to help others in need soon. I can be reached via email [email protected] and would gladly update each one supporting me.


I am 50 year old widow, a covenant keeper of Yah

I am 50 year old widow, a covenant keeper of Yah



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raised of $5,000.00 goal
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