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Sept 17, 2017 update
Mise à jour publié par arcely la rosa Le Sep 17

Its my second day of skin to skin care for Sam. :-)

It is a good progress for Samiel today when we visited him at NICU this morning. He is now at 950 grams and at stable condition with a feeding of 4ml per hour and will continue to increase by 0.5ML every 12 hours. He just went through a second blood transfusion due to low hemoglobin count. Also the Doctor told us that the ventilator have been removed as he is doing better now, though he still have some Apnoea episode but a lot lesser than before. His oxygen pressure are now at low level and hopefully very soon his nasal cannula will be removed.

Thank you very much for continuous prayers for our brave boy Sam. Our fund raising are still on for the babies for NICU. Thanks in advance :-) & God bless..

Patrick and Arcely La Rosa

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