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Brooklyn Robertson 23-24 Life Prep Tuition
The X for Boys Life Preparatory School is a tuition-free, boarding school in Albany, Georgia. The school receives no government. . . . .
176 Donors
$21,420 raised
142% funded
Classroom Library
At the beginning of the semester I asked my students a simple question, “Do you like to read?” These were. . . . .
30 Donors
$689 raised
137% funded
Keep Kiera in School!
Kiera is diagnosed with cerebral palsy and autism, her mobility is severely restricted, as is her communication, she is confined. . . . .
35 Donors
$1,815 raised
121% funded
Final Push for Jasmine Ford's College Funding
WHAT IS THIS FUNDRAISER? We are ALMOST THERE! So, we came up a tiny tiny bit short of our goal. . . . .
24 Donors
$1,780 raised
118% funded
BU Engineering Senior Design Project
Hello from Pratt Industries! Engineering students across the country partake in a final year project that is meant to be. . . . .
19 Donors
$790 raised
112% funded
Student Consultancy Program
We are overjoyed to share that the Student Consultancy Program will work with a new cohort of 25 sophomore and. . . . .
24 Donors
$1,464 raised
104% funded
Refugee Futures
Asylum seekers and refugees in Hong Kong face a plethora of injustices. From racism to inequitable laws, this community is. . . . .
11 Donors
HK$5,200 raised
104% funded
A Cosmic Journey Planetarium visit
SUPPORTERS OF PUBLIC EDUCATION - WE NEED YOUR HELP! Hello friends and families! My teammates and I are trying to. . . . .
11 Donors
$300 raised
100% funded
Education Fund for Elia
This is an education fund to send Elia of Maji ya Chai to Ngorika Happy Watoto School ( The cost. . . . .
5 Donors
$700 raised
100% funded
Give the gift of education!
Bachpan Pratinishtha is a registered non-profit (DIC/JAL-314/ 2014-15) that works for the cause of children's education in Punjab, India. The. . . . .
10 Donors
$595 raised
100% funded
My Last Year of Undergrad Fund
Hello, my name is Traycie Williams. Thank you for taking time to read my campaign for educational funding! I entered. . . . .
51 Donors
$5,595 raised
93% funded
Killian Andrews for WebTv at Pepperdine University
Hello, my name is Killian Andrews. I am a rising Senior in High School. I am extremely interested in acting. . . . .
9 Donors
$2,800 raised
90% funded

Success Stories

Spencer’s College Fund

Spencer, a highly intelligent, gifted young boy, got early admission to study at UNC Wilmington. His father raised the funds needed so his son could follow his dreams.

9 donors raised US$3,500.00

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Keep Tashi and Pasang in School

Caring individuals raised funds to keep 2 young children, Tashi and Pasang, in school. Their successful campaign allowed these children to follow their dreams.

49 donors raised US$10,778

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Friends of Colene

Colene suffers from multiple rare auto immune disorders. Knowing she may struggle to support her daughter in the long term, she fundraised to start her daughter off with investing, setting her up for the future.

28 donors raised SG$4,332.00

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Scholarships for Polish students at Oxford

The Oxford University Polish Society raised funds to cover two scholarships for students who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to study at Oxford.

17 donors raised £2,000.00

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Roxy’s Adventurous Student Trip

Young Roxy got tragic news of her father’s death while on a geography trip with her teacher. Her mother fundraised to allow her to take the trip again, this time with a more positive outcome.

30 donors raised US$2,575.00

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Help Provide a Sensory Pod for the Pupils at the Garth School

The Garth School provides education for children with a range of complex needs. Friends of The Garth School (FOGS) fundraised to buy a sensory pod, providing a stimulating environment to enrich the children’s learning.

83 donors raised £3,024.00

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Help Me Raise Tuition For My Masters Degree Studies

Tinashe Munyuki wanted to further his education by studying a Bachelor of Commerce (Masters) in Development Studies. In order to afford the tuition fees, he turned to GoGetFunding to help him follow his dream.

40 donors raised US$4,975.00

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Haruni Nursery, Pre-Primary School,Tanzania

Delara and Sinead raised money for Haruni Nursery in Tanzania, giving poverty-stricken children an opportunity to gain pre-school education in a safe and enriching environment.

58 donors raised €3,000

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