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We’ve helped people from all over Peru crowdfund the things that matter to them most. From personal fundraisers, to acts of kindness, emergency relief, and more. Create your campaign for free!

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Help my mum with heart disease get through coronavirus times
ello ! My name is Ariana and I'm a 19 year old girl from Peru. I live alone with my. . . . .
27 Donors
$1,670 raised
66% funded
Rapada de Yuyo
Hola a todos! En estas fiestas estoy recaudando fondos para apoyar a la Casa Hogar San Martin de Porres, donde. . . . .
15 Donors
$822 raised
82% funded
Young entrepreneur needs help to be able to freelance
Good day to all of you. I very much appreciate you taking a moment to read this. In 2018, I. . . . .
19 Donors
$1,424 raised
11% funded
Orlando Magin (Newenkoshia) is a healer from the Shipibo tribe who lives in Yarinacocha-Pucallpa, Peru. He is known for been. . . . .
3 Donors
$1,132 raised
37% funded
Help a Peruvian young man to pay for it’s student loans so he can finally be able to be free to live life.
Who I am? I'm a 29 years old industrial engineer from Lima, Peru, specialized in planning yet struggling to make. . . . .
11 Donors
$515 raised
20% funded
help Shipiba from the Paoyhan community
Our fundraising: We urgently need to join forces to collect resources to help Joysila Roja Rojas, 29, from the native. . . . .
8 Donors
$405 raised
13% funded
Volunteering across America
Volunteering and traveling across America "Here we are, the most clever species ever to have lived? So how is it. . . . .
6 Donors
€300 raised
42% funded
Send Kid to College
Hello! As you know, Peru has been one of the most hit countries by covid. Many of us have gotten. . . . .
2 Donors
$155 raised
59% funded
INO MOXO – PANTERA NEGRA (film in post-production)
In the night of all times, in search of the great healer INO MOXO - PANTERA NEGRA, Javier will be. . . . .
12 Donors
$1,680 raised
6% funded