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Speeches at High Schools about making a difference
Hello everyone. David here.. the crazy Czech runner who has run from Prague to London, biked from Prague to Morocco,. . . . .
40 Donors
$5,960 raised
149% funded
Shoulder operation of a young bordercollie
Hello, I'm Corriente, everybody calls me Corri. I'm just 20 months old. I'm a dog, full of life, excitement and. . . . .
21 Donors
Kc20,070 raised
100% funded
Pomoc pro Noreen a Noelu
Noela a Noreen Julius jsou dvě holčičky žijící v tanzánském městečku Shirati nedaleko Viktoriina jezera. Jejich rodinu zasáhlo letos v. . . . .
27 Donors
Kc18,900 raised
94% funded
Top surgery for Ezra
Hello! My name is Ezra and I'm a young enby from Czechia. I'm in urgent need of a top surgery. . . . .
36 Donors
$1,003 raised
77% funded
Help Ferda with Chemotherapy Expenses
My dog Ferda is a 7-year-old mutt who was found in a box in a forest as a puppy along. . . . .
101 Donors
Kc47,961 raised
68% funded
Douri’s Treatment
Our dear friend Dourival has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and is facing a long period of treatment and hopefully. . . . .
92 Donors
€12,041 raised
60% funded
Help Jeries to get his Master’s Degree in Prague
My name is Jeries AbuJaber and I am an artist from Palestine. I have worked in theater as an actor,. . . . .
50 Donors
€10,550 raised
52% funded
Elizabeth (E.D.)’s Graceful Fight for Ovarian Cancer Recovery
Our dear friend Elizabeth (E.D.) is facing a long period of surgery, treatment and hopefully, recovery for complicated internal magnus. . . . .
71 Donors
Kc126,875 raised
42% funded
Practical research for my Master’s thesis dedicated to Irish collective trauma
Dear friends, I am writing to express my keen interest in obtaining funding for my diploma thesis on the collective. . . . .
7 Donors
€415 raised
41% funded