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Starting treatment
Update posted by Julie Read On Mar 25

I would like to thank everyone that has donated, so that Mohammed could start his treatment.What an amazing show of support in these last few weeks.The family are so grateful and relieved that the treatment could finally go ahead,due to your kind donations.It was an awful time for them,watching their son deteriorate for weeks,whilst waiting for a decision on whether the Palestinian Authority would fund the treatment.

As soon as the funds were available,Mohammed was transferred to the hospital in Jerusalem for the first treatment.He was kept in so that his condition could be monitored.Once home he had an appointment for a scan and various tests that were needed.This cost $1,200 was paid from this fundraiser.The family are waiting for the results.Mohammed is due to return to the hospital in April for the second treatment

I set the fundraiser to finish on 31st March,thinking by this time we would have had a decision from the Palestinian Authority on funding the rest of his treatment.This has not happened yet, so I hope to extend the fundraiser by another month.We can cover the next 2 treatments if there are no other expenses, but we need a decision on whether the Authority will fund the rest over the year

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