Updates on Help Mikael´s Spinal Medical Costs

An inspiring july spinal recovery update from Mikael King!
Update posted by Nicholas Hale On Jul 19

Aloha Beloved Support Family


This is Mikael.

So in June I found out in Singapore from an expert neurosurgeon that I can have my Titanium Implants removed Universe willing that my L2 will totally fuse and come back into full alignment with L1 and L3. So please hold this vision.

Since then and into July, I have been feeling really clear and focused after several weeks of Neuro-Rehab, Colonics/Enemas, IV Ozones, Violet Laser Therapy, Live Blood Cell Analysis, Changin my Diet Drastically (ate a burger for the first in almost 20 yrs) Pilates, Thai Yoga Massage, Osteo Alignment Sessions, Rehabing diligently and tons of rewiring visualization on my right leg and foot nerve cells so i can feel & walk normally again.

Your financial appreciation dollars has enabled me to do all these alternative therapy things, so thank you tons!

So at this point, I have mobility but not a whole lot of feeling.

BUT if you can believe this, I danced for the first time last week, was almost in tears truly on the floor...couldn't do all that I wanted but just flowed with it.

Body Miracles are my everyday life existence.

I also just water fasted for the last 5 days and it has shifted my entire being, I just highly recommend you get off the computer and go home to the Raw Earth, it's amazing, the absolute best medicine ever.

Stem Cells rejuvenate and form after days of water fasting.

I will continue to keep you updated as things progress. Also I will be upping my campaign asking fund soon as the estimates for the 2nd removal of implant surgery have come up, and they are close to an additional $20,000 USD.

Thank you all, again and again for all your loving financial support and commentary words.

It really means a lot me.

With your help, I will return 100% soon.

with new golden spinal love,

Mikael King :)

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