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Dear All My Supporters and Followers
Update posted by Caroline Parker On Aug 14

Especially thanks to Laura and Karen who have supported me with donations in the last few days. I go for my operation on Monday. Me and cook and The-Man-Who-Feeds-Us-Chicken are nervous happy.
They say they will miss me and worry about me when I am not with them and they won't sleep properly at night without me snoring and snuffling and snorting on my Tom & Jerry quilt in my Sitting Room.
Oh things are happening so fastly!
But I will be in the care of Dr Kiran at Tailwagger Vets so I will be ok.
And also I have so many troubles breathing so I need to go for my operation as soon as I can.
I want to tell you all my supporters that you can follow my progress here: https://www.facebook.com/giveadoganose

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