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Fund Accounts & Receipts - to 19 July
Update posted by Jaycee G On Jun 26

This page last updated: Thursday 13 August

Full accounts and receipts for this fund. All donations and spendings are recorded here. The full Excel spreadsheet used to manage this fund is available to anyone who would like a copy.
This page will be updated every month with the latest figures.

(Note: due to a technical hitch, some of the accounts/receipt screenshots sometimes "disappear" from this page, and appear as a blue question mark. As soon as this is noticed, they are re-uploaded.)


1. Below: Fund purchases so far. Copies of the receipts appear lower down on this page.
(The estimated bank fees listed are on the Total Fund Income to date, which is 69.)
(The sausages are used for hiding worming tablets in, so it is easier to worm the beach dogs.)

2. Below: Total Fund Income so far.

3. Below: Planned Purchased With Remaining Funds. (The total cost of Planned Purchases roughly equals the Remaining Funds (see image 1). Currently there are no only 381 rupees (about 4) remaining in the fund so there are no further Planned Purchases. A lot of food has been purchased in bulk at discount recently so a lot of food is in stock even though there are no further funds left.)

[As the fund is currently almost empty, no further purchases are planned. The Planned Purchases spreadsheet will be uploaded again when more money is in the fund.


Below: Summary of Receipts

Below: Receipt number 161699, 12 June (Only the item marked (b) on this receipt is relevant to this fund. The other items relate to other private animal sponsorships.)

Below: Receipt number 185, 20 June

Below: Receipt number 162496, 20 June

Below: Receipt number 162498, 20 June

Below: Receipt number 81, 2 July

Below: Receipt number 164062, 4 July

Below: Receipt number 419, 14 July

Below: Receipt number 165189, 14 July

Below: Receipt number 165583, 18 July

Below: Receipt number 25, 18 July

Below: Receipt number 264, 21 July

Below: Receipt number D/1520, 28 July

Below: Receipt number 74, 4 August (PurePet puppy food discounted from 1035 to 990 rupees)

Below: Receipt number 532, 4 August

Below: Receipt number 167494, 7 August (receipt partly eaten by feeding fund kitten!)

Below: Receipt number 2776, 7 August

That's all for now folks!!! Feedback welcome via message to https://www.facebook.com/JRHughesWriter

Thanks, woofs and purrs.

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