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Iuliia Chernysheva
Mouttagiaka, CY

Joined on Jan 12, 2022

Hi, I'm Julia. A big animal lover. I've always taken care of and helped animals but this time I need your help. Join my TNR programme.

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Please help Kamysh with his dental surgery and abscess removal
This fluffiest cute boy named Kamysh got an abscess on his cheek and neck :( We went to the vet. . . . .
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Hi! This is Gosha and he needs your help
Hi! This is Gosha and he needs your help! He is afraid of people but not aggressive. He came to. . . . .
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54% funded
Please help me create a better life for homeless kittens
Hello to everyone! My name is Julia. I live in Cyprus, love animals, and try to help them to the. . . . .
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Precious. Petrol fundraising campaign. Please help.
Maybe you already know white cats are quite vulnerable to sun exposure as they can get skin cancer. Of course. . . . .
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Iuliia Chernysheva
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I am one person trying to stop the suffering of so many sick, injured, abused, neglected and abandoned cats and. . . . .
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