Urgent Financial Assistance Needed for the Song Family

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Hello to everyone with kind hearts,

I'm the type of person who doesn't like to ask for financial help from anyone as much as possible, but this situation has left me no choice, and I'm hoping this could save us.

There are 2 reasons why we need that large amount urgently...

My younger sister and I come from an average and broken family. We are not rich, but I can say we were still blessed despite all the things we've been through. We keep moving from one place to another as we don't have a permanent home, due to our parents being separated. We stayed closer to our father's side of the family and were separated from our mother for many years.

One day, we were able to reconnect with our mother despite our father's disapproval. Then, my sister and I wanted to have a place of our own. Unable to ask for help from our father, we opted to ask for help from our mom.

My mom and her partner (let's just say our stepfather to avoid confusion) helped us find a budget-friendly rent-to-own home. There is also a government financial institution that helps provide home financing. I borrowed my stepfather's name so that the institution could approve the borrowed money. It was approved, but the title was under my stepfather's name. The plan is for me and my sister to slowly pay it monthly as we build our careers and earnings.

The reason I can't get my own loan is that I don't have any new proper tax return documents. I was planning to settle it once I'm sure I have a stable income. Unfortunately, there are a lot of happenings in my life that haven't allowed me to progress.

Here's the reason why I'm urgently asking for financial help. A few months back, my stepfather cheated on my mother after being together for almost 19 years. Two years ago, we moved in to stay with my mother and her partner while waiting for our own place to finish (bought during pre-selling). Because my mom was devastated, she wanted to move out as well, but it's embarrassing to keep staying on our stepfather's property. We planned to move temporarily to our grandparents' house, but it was too small for us. That's why we are waiting to move into our own place soon, so we can properly start over, and my sister and mom can properly find work.

The house was almost finished, but I still can't find any other solution to transfer the title to me. I asked a lawyer, and I was told that the best and easiest way was to pay it in full and buy it finally from my stepfather throught paying the government loan full. The problem is I don't have that amount of money yet, and I'm afraid to lose that home we have been waiting for years to have as our own place.

The reason for the urgency is that I need to transfer the title to my name as soon as possible. It's getting hard to communicate with our stepfather because of his mistress.

I don't have anyone to ask for help. All of my friends are middle-wage earners, and my other family members are in similar financial situations. Unfortunately, I can't let my father or anyone on his side of the family know about this situation as I don't want to burden them and risk them looking down upon my mom again. My father's side is also facing financial difficulties as he is going through a lot of medications due to his sickness, so I really can't afford to let them know. My mother doesn't have any work or savings either, which one of the things that shocked me and added pressure with what I'm going through, my grandparents doesn't have enough money as well, only for their survival needs. I'm the only one with income, but unfortunately, it's not enough due to company's situation and I can't find any other source of income as well, especially now that I have to shoulder a lot.

Another unfortunate thing happened. My mom and stepfather's pet dog underwent hip replacement surgery, and now her other leg needs to be replaced as well. The surgery and weekly therapy cost so much that we can't afford. My mom took her in after they separated as she couldn't endure leaving their pet dog on his side nor his mistress, as no one could properly tend to its needs since she can't walk. We are considering to surrender her to our stepfather, but we know she may not be taken care of, but it leaves us no choice due to our situation, I already tried to emailed my stepfather, but no response yet, but we are hoping to quickly get financial aid as well, so we won't need to let go of her, as it's really painful to do so... we only have few days to decide as well, unless again we will have enough funds for this too...

That's why beside asking for financial help for the home, I am also seeking financial aid for my mom's pet dog. As much as I want to help her, I can't afford to do so, as I have my own pet dog that I consider as a child and has been with me for all these years. So, I don't have enough funds to support everyone. Also, we don't know what will happen, as we don't have any idea what's going through our stepfather's mind, that's why we our urgently need the financial help to disconnect us from him, and most importantly to secure our home.

That's why I'm asking for help to give us a chance to start over. One day, I hope that I could reach out to anyone who helps to give back the financial help. I don't want to just receive it; I want to treat it as borrowed money just to help our urgent situation now.

P.S. Apologies if I can't add any personal images; I can only share images of my mom's pet dog and a screenshot of the move-in document. I need to hide the personal details for safety purposes, and I also can't afford to be found out by anyone on my father's side. I will be asking help with people that I know that doesn't know or acquainted by my father or his side of the family.


Passionate designer, aspiring to turn dreams into reality and serve as inspiration to others.

Passionate designer, aspiring to turn dreams into reality and serve as inspiration to others.

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