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My dear friends,

Not sure where to start, but here goes. The Covid lockdown here in Peru has put us in a very precarious situation...we have seen our business revenue drop down to near zero...and risk loosing our healing center.

As most of you know or may not know, I have now dedicated my life to be of service to all in need of healing via our healing center here in Peru at The Lighthouse, where I work with my partner Alicia Luciano. We work with sacred ancestral healing plants/medicines like Huachuma (the Quechua word for San Pedro), Cacao, Rapé, Sananga, Syrian Rue, Yopo, Changa, Mapacho and various other healing and protective plants. This is where we hold sacred healing ceremonies with. We also work with native Andean healers and others. (See below for more details on San Pedro)

The healing center is located near Cusco in Peru, on pre-Incan (Wari) and Inca archeological ceremonial grounds with ancient ruins and a temple on the centers grounds. The Lighthouse serves as a beacon of light to help people find their way back home to their hearts and true nature. We believe that if we can heal the hearts of people, we can help heal our world.

Please see our work at the Lighthouse in the link below and the impact it has had on other people's lives in the reviews.

Our Situation…

Due to the covid situation, especially here in Peru where we have seen the world's strictest lockdown, we have come to the point where our savings are alost all gone. Here at our retreat center where we all live, we are responsible for feeding and lodging (+salary) a peruvian family of five (with three children aged of 3, 7 and 10 years), my partner and me, our four dogs and five cats. We have not been able to pay rent and bills in the last 6 months, as I have kept the savings we had to feed us all, pay the family's salary. The owners are now putting pressure on us.

Until this situation changes, we have very little source of revenue to sustain us and this beautiful retreat, as our client base is mostly comes from tourism/clients from abroad. And for the moment, we do not see tourism picking up again for the months to come. We don't get any financial assistance from the Peruvian government. I have invested all my life savings and other investments for the last 3 years to build a safe and comfortable retreat center for people to heal from past traumas and deepen their spiritual connection to nature. I am used to providing for myself and many others, but now I am unable to do so and my pride is embarrassed to admit it. I and Alicia have always been a people who have helped anyone who was in need and asked for our help, at the best of our capacities as we are in service to all without judgment… and now, it is we that need help.

Our goals at The Lighthouse

We want to help heal the hearts of the world and in the process help heal humanity from all the suffering and abuse we have all gone through as well as preserve ancient plant medicine knowledge and wisdom.

Short, medium and long term goals

  • surviving in Peru and support for the Peruvian family we live with (rent, food, salary, electricity etc.)
  • providing a safe and comfortable space for people to heal
  • preserving the lake and marshalands on which the center is situated
  • preserving the archeological site
  • teaching local children about natural medicines
  • help locals for free as we feel we are only giving them back what was taken from them via Spanish invasion and the church

We ask you to look into your hearts and help us keep ourselves and The Lighthouse stay alive and continue our mission to heal the world and spread the light of hope far and wide.

To show our gratitude we would like to offer free ceremonies for donations of 250$ or more

250$ - 1 ceremony and 2 nights stay

500$ - 2 ceremonies and 3 nights stay

1000$ - 5 ceremonies and 7 nights stay

2000$ - 10 ceremonies and 14 nights stay

If you like to help us via paypal, please use our paypal link:

or our paypal email address: a[email protected]

Of course we understand that not all of you can make a donation, but it would be apreciated if you could share this link with a message to your friends and explain our mission to them.

And for all that donate to us, please accept our most sincere gratitude and blessings from all of us at The Lighthouse.

Thank you

With love, Andy & Alicia

What is Plant Medicine

"For every human illness, somewhere in the world there exists a plant which is the cure.” Rudolph Steiner.

This concept is a belief shared by many curanderos and shamans throughout the world. In most tribal cultures, native plants are woven into the fabric of their everyday lives. Plants are used throughout the entire life process - from conception to death, for healing and for spiritual purposes. There are even certain plants that they consider as “power plants” - plants with extra-special abilities for healing, as well as opening spiritual portals. These power plants are often called “master teachers” or “teacher plants”, and are considered to be spiritual healers, as well as doctors of the flesh. There are a number of different power plants found throughout the Americas. One such plant that goes by the name Huachuma, or more commonly referred to nowadays as San Pedro, originated in the Andes and the surrounding desert areas of Peru. Huachuma a shamanic medicine that some consider being one of the greatest of the plant teachers. The effects of tge medicine have been described as “empathogenic and potentially life-changing, promoting radical introspection, healing, and a sense of wonder and awe.


In Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador there are still Huachumeros, like us, who lead Huachuma/San Pedro ceremonies for the same reasons the ancestors did: for prayer, communing with nature, gaining access to the spiritual world, expanding consciousness, and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. People who have participated in Huachuma ceremonies have reported feeling inspired, having a spiritual or out of body experience, more creativity, experiencing a heart opening, healing of trauma, freedom from depression, PTSD, mood disorders, anxiety, chronic pain, and addictions. There are even claims of “miracle healings” with the use of huachuma - sudden healing from chronic issues, cancer, infertility, and more.


Our goal is to make the participant ‘bloom’ during the ceremony - meaning to make your subconscious ‘open like a flower,’ like the night-blooming San Pedro cactus. Depending on the potency of the medicine, huachuma can produce visions and dream-like states. It is during these experiences that many users have received valuable lessons, guidance, clarity, breakthroughs, healing, and awareness of their divinity. People attending ceremonies have reported meeting their spirit guides, ancestors, and otherworldly beings who helped them in some way. Many users will experience bliss-like states, heightened senses, waves of emotions, and a sense of being connected with all life.

History and Origins

Along with tobacco, ayahuasca, and coca; huachuma is one of Peru’s most sacred plants. The use of the San Pedro cactus in Peru can be traced back over 4000 years. There is archeological evidence that was found in a region of Peru near the Cordillera Blanca mountain range - once home to the Chavin culture - that demonstrates the long-time use of huachuma in that region. The Chavin were the very first developed Peruvian civilization and greatly influenced all the civilizations of that region, including the Inca.


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  • Blessings.- may all your needs be met ❤️

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  • Best wishes for 2021 and beyond from the southern spirit Australia. Original Land of the dreaming.

Nov 27

Pedro broke his leg

Update posted by AndyAlicia B at 05:08 pm

We found our beloved dog Pedro with a broken leg this morning in front of the house. He needs a surgery as his bone is completely broken :(The vet helps us now because it's an emergency but that means there are more costs that we cannot pay.... we need help

See update

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  • Andreja Cobeljic
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  • Blessings.- may all your needs be met ❤️

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  • Best wishes for 2021 and beyond from the southern spirit Australia. Original Land of the dreaming.

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  • Si ça peut t’aider à pas revenir icitte....

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  • They can't win..... always the light win

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  • Be well!

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  • Sorry its only a small amount hope it helps

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  • Thank you for the work you do. I truly hope your retreat can survive this terrible time.

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