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We can ALL agree: farm attacks needs to stop!!

But the reality is.. we probably can't stop it! So what is the next best option? The way I see it, we NEED to take care of ourselves, and that means that we have to have a way of knowing inside our families communities who is in trouble so that we can help!

It would seem that in most, if not all, cases we only find out about these attacks AFTER they have happened. There seems to be a definite need for a way to quickly and effectively send out an SOS when the worst happens!

I have been thinking about how to address the above a LOT, and what I keep arriving at is that even simple panic buttons have shortcomings. Firstly, in order to press the button you have to visually find it first. But what if you can't see the button? Or you left it downstairs on the counter? What if you're overwhelmed, groggy, half asleep, or your vision is impaired? Older people also have trouble with dexterity and strength, making it difficult for them! Precious seconds are lost! Secondly, these panic buttons usually only trigger a siren, or attempt to summon a guard from some security company that might at best drive past your property to "see if all is well."

For a phase one project, I believe that I have come up with a concept for a new generation of panic button!

  • Can be worn comfortably for 24hrs a day without getting in your way, so that it is ALWAYS with you. Ways it can be worn includes, wrist straps, leg straps, clip-on's, pendants, etc.
  • Superior battery life so that it doesn't need constant charging
  • Rugged and strong to withstand the the rigors of farm life, meaning strong, shock-proof and water/dust-proof.
  • Can be linked into a cluster (for instance, each member of a family wears the device) and send warnings to other clustered units which immediately warns all members when one device is triggered, even if they are distanced from each other. Clustered devices start vibrating immediately when one is activated so that there's a tactile alert on all devices.
  • Can be set up to perform a predetermined set of actions, such as sending out messages to recipients, or making automated calls to specific numbers. In short, get help fast from family members, communities, security companies, or the police. (Messages can include extra metadata like your location etc.)
  • And most importantly, so easy and fool-proof to operate that it can be reliably triggered by anyone from young children to the frailest senior citizens, with no buttons to find and press, even in total darkness, zero visibility or while groggy or party incapacitated.

I intend to design and build a wearable device that can be worn on your person that is lightweight and rugged, and can be triggered easily and quickly without buttons via just a series of quick taps in the event of an emergency.

All you have to do to trigger the device is give it a few light taps!

The device can be linked via Bluetooth to a smartphone, or via WIFI to a network. In the case of Bluetooth, the phone contains software controls the device. in the case of WIFI, a dedicated device also present on the network controls the devices. Also being considered is perhaps adding GSM capability so that the device itself could be connected to the cellular network without the need for extra hardware.

What I need money for:

1) Proof of Concept

I need to research and develop the idea, and build a Proof of Concept device of the wearable and the WIFI in-home controller. For this I need to buy components to test with, and tools to assemble prototypes. Also, I need to spend time to develop the required software on the smartphone side and the WIFI controller.

2) Prototype

Once Proof of Concept has been done, I need to build a fully-working prototype. The prototype will be wearable and connected to a smartphone via bluetooth, or to the WiFi controller, and can be triggered to simulate an event.

3) Testing

The prototypes will be used to do real-world testing, ie clustered operation and alert-sending

4) Miniaturization

Shrinking down the prototype to an actual wearable, making it rugged and comfortable for use. Finding partners to build the actual hardware.

5) Closed-group testing

Several "release-candidate" devices will be deployed to a closed group of testers to wear and use for a period of time to assess real-world usefulness.

6) Launch!

Make the project available for retail, including advertisements and launch events.

Who am I, and why am I doing this?

My name is Jaco Hendrikse, and I have been tinkering with electronics, computers, programming, hardware and DIY projects pretty much all my life. I have been working for most of my career as a software developer, and have studied electrical engineering at TUT. I have become increasingly frustrated with the situation around the farm attacks and have been desperately seeking workable solutions to try and address the problem! I believe that my backgrounds in programming, engineering and manufacturing puts me in a great position to design and build this project, which I hope could potentially save many lives!!

Other real-world applications

The device and its usage is not limited to just farm attacks. It can also be used in hospitals, old-age homes, care centers, schools, even in private homes!

Scenario 1:

The whole family is asleep and you hear a noise downstairs. Someone is in the house! Just tap-tap-tap-tap the device to activate, and your whole family's devices start vibrating to warn them! As soon as they feel the vibration, they can do whatever your emergency plan is, for instance, run to the saferoom, etc.

Your mobile device or WIFI controller also immediately sends out predetermined alerts and notifications to your contacts (family, community, security company, police, etc.) which tells them of the situation and allows them to rush to your aid!

Scenario 2:

Your parents are living with you in the house, and they have an emergency while in the bathroom. They will have the device on their person as it can be worn 24 hours a day, so all they do is tap-tap-tap-tap!

Your device (that you're wearing) immediately starts vibrating, and you can view the notifications on your smartphone!

Scenario 3:

You are driving at night and when stopping at a red light you get highjacked! You are wearing the device so just do a quick tap-tap-tap-tap!

Your mobile device notifies and alerts your contact list and calls them to your aid! (Your position can also be sent along so that they know where you are!)

There are many more uses and scenarios where the device can be useful, the possibilities are basically endless!

PLEASE help me in making this dream a reality, no donation is too big or too small, every bit helps! Donating is extremely easy, just select an amount and pay with your debit or credit card using PayPal's secure gateway! Quick and Painless!

Please like and follow my Facebook page for regular progress updates and other news:

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PS. Apologies for the currency being in USD, it's a side-effect of using PayPal!! ;)


I am a 44 year-old South African male with background in software development, electrical engineering (digital), manufacturing, and tinkering / DIY

I am a 44 year-old South African male with background in software development, electrical engineering (digital), manufacturing, and tinkering / DIY

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