Simon’s Surgery and Recovery

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Feb 14, 2016

Here's a fun youtube video for you.

Simon is eating his favourite food; cucumber.

He's got lots of his energy back and his activities are still limited but hopefully in 1 months, he'll be able to jump and go for walks.

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 23, 2016

Simon has kept his food down for over 24 hours!!! :D Yay!

I have been offering him a variety of food but he has been happiest with pumpkin heart-shaped cookies and rice puff cereal. I wasn't able to get the canned pumpkin into him, so I decided to try the cookies and he LOVES them!

He is not taking any more pain medication which is great news for him. I think that was contributing to his upset tummy.

I will take a video of Simon soon. He is getting happier each day.

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 21, 2016

Simon is eating some food but not reliably.

Drinking some water, but not much.

His tummy seems really sensitive still (not keeping all his food down yet)
Must be that so much healing is happening in the rest of his little body. The digestion is getting second dibs...

Medications are slowing down. Heavy pain meds have 3 days left.
I am so grateful that he got the injection for antibiotics.

He's getting happier each day and has more energy.
It's getting harder to convince him that the kennel is a good place for him :)

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 20, 2016

So we visited the vet today and it was really productive!

She suggested that the medication which was making Simon sick was likely the antibiotics. Did you know that your dog can get an injectable course of antibiotics that eliminates the nausea and need to administer? Wow!!! I am so impressed. So Simon got the injection and we have one less medication to give him now and he hasn't vomited since the vet appointment.

He has had some water to drink today and eats about 1/2 tbsp of food when the spirit moves him.

We have reduced one medication and will eliminate it after tomorrow morning's dose.

We will continue to provide him with a tasty variety of food. Still hoping for an increase in his appetite.

The pain management is working well. He is happy and affectionate.

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 19, 2016

This has been a tough 24 hours and we're still perplexed but having faith in Simon's will to recover.

Simon has been reluctant to drink water and is very fussy about food. This hasn't changed yet.

He did eat a small amount of rice last night at 6:45 (brown, delicious rice). When I tried to use that rice to give him his medication at 10pm, there was NO WAY that he was going to eat any rice for me. It probably smelled suspicious, you know....

Simon is having a hard time keeping his food down.

I'm wonderful whether it is one of his medications that is causing him trouble.

On the up side, Simon is showing more enjoyment on his outings and is brighter. His tail is starting to wag and he is seeming stronger. The pain must be subsiding.

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 16, 2016

We were able to pick up Simon and take him home at noon today.

He is on strict bed rest for 2 weeks. We have friends who have let us borrow their dog crate which is perfect for the job.

After those 2 weeks, he must remain quite inactive for 2 months (no jumping, stairs, etc.)

Simon will take his medication with peanut butter, but is not eating much else yet.

Update posted by Nicola Crowhurst On Jan 16, 2016

Update on Simon:

The vet phoned today and told us that Simon is now "bright".
He is eating with encouragement, a special, calorie-dense food designed for recovery.
They will attempt to administer his pain medication and antibiotics this morning.
We visit at noon. The hope is that they will be able to discharge Simon at that time.

Thank you for your encouragement in all ways. Please keep sharing the link for his funding page. I'm not sure what the full vet bill will be, but I know that it has passed my fundraising goal. Sharing with friends, donating what you can. Everything is a blessing and your gifts have been a great encouragement to us!


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Thinking of all of you! Blessings for Simon!

Lisa Chlysta

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Get well soon, Simon!!


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I wished I could give more but we are struggling with massive vet bills at the moment too. Hope and pray Simon continues to improve. Take care!!


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Hope Simon is back to himself soon. So glad he is being so well loved and cared for.

Heather Carey

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We love little Simon too!

Jacinda Dueck

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Sending love. Wish we could do more. I will never forget your support after we lost my kitty. Be well. Xx


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I keep thinking of your young Miss O's words the other day. She has so much faith in Simons strength. He is blessed to have a family that loves him so.

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