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SAVI is on a mission to protect people's savings from inflation!

We figured out a novel way to achieve this and empower people!

And you have the opportunity to take part in something BIG!

Yes - we're a start-up!

My name is Pavel - SAVI's founder.

I would like to tell you our story and where we're headed!

I will also share what is special about the app we're building - something you can't find in any other personal finance app!


IMPORTANT: This is not a pure donation & you will get your money back in 1 year.



So, what is your alternative to the bank/savings account?

And I don't just mean an account that lets you keep your money, but an account that protects your money from inflation!

Do you like to get RECORD-LOW interest on your bank deposits, while paying expensive interest if you need to borrow money?

Everyone I spoke with says No!

Is it possible to have your money work for you while it still feels like a savings account?

We figured IT IS and that's exactly why we're building the SAVI App!

Thanks to Crowdfunding & Peer-to-Peer Lending, users can tap revenue from lending, traditionally reserved for banks & credit businesses.

Diversification makes investing is more protected.


You could tap Crowdfunding & Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending earning potential.

P2P lending is a relatively new, yet government-regulated space, known mostly to niche investors.

Well, we're making this available to everyone - save hours with SAVI on autopilot!

The App will help you save, grow and protect your money, and earn just like the banks do - lending to people, and businesses - your community, your world.

#BeTheBANK - follow us on social media.


How SAVI works (once it goes live)

  1. Connect your bank account
  2. Auto-save when you spend & as you want
  3. Seamlessly auto-invest in loans to other people
  4. Spend straight from your invested balance
  5. The rest of your money keeps working for you
  6. Enjoy OVER 10% return*

*The average historical return is OVER 10%, in 30 select platforms, and depends on market conditions!


But how is your money protected?

  • Regulated - every partner platform is regulated by the government.
  • Buy-back guarantees protect unsecured personal loans.
  • Collaterals protect business loans.
  • Maximum diversification - with SAVI your money is invested in over 30 different Peer-2-Peer lending platforms - something that would take you many hours if you do it on your own.
  • If 1 or 2 platforms fail, you barely lose from the return.

It just makes sense to everyone I spoke with, and this is what we're creating!



How it all started:

In 2021, I won the hackathon organized by the Bulgarian Fintech Association with a novel idea! (I'm sharing my LinkedIn profile in a bit, so we can connect)

This idea evolved over time, but the mission remained the same!

Then, I graduated from the Founder Institute - the globally-renowned startup accelerator (it was VERY challenging, but I just had to find a way to complete the program).

Now, our UK company (The UK is our launchpad market and the best place in Europe to launch innovative financial products) is already a member of the association and works alongside brands like VISA, Binance, and the European Digital Finance Association, to just name a few.

We've also established many strategic partnerships with brands like, VISA, Mastercard, ComplyAdvantage, Global Processing Services, Currencycloud and more, who support us with the technology and tools we need to launch the SAVI App.

You can learn more about us on our website ... and come back here after that.



We're a team of dedicated professionals building the SAVI App with ZERO investment and that needs to change ... but I'll come back to it.


Open Banking is now real!

It's a global initiative that unlocks innovation!

You can connect ALL YOUR BANK ACCOUNTS in a single app and pay anything.

You can save money while spending daily with your debit card, and we take care of investing for you with a solid strategy - maximum diversification in curated P2P platforms!

We figured we could use Open Banking to create this for you!

Thanks to UK FCA & EU Crowdfunding Directive


NEXT, we reveal exactly what we're building:


As I mentioned, we're a team of dedicated believers who invest our own time into making SAVI come to life, but that's simply not enough anymore!

YOUR DONATION will confirm the novelty and demand for SAVI to our future Angel and VC investors to help develop the company and achieve our mission.

Campaign target: £20,000


So, this is my invitation - to join the SAVI community early on the journey!


MAX: £10,000

This symbolises how much money you would like to start investing with SAVI when we launch in 2023.




90% of your contribution will be invested in Peer-to-peer loans where the average historic return on over 30 different platforms is 11.5%.

10% of your contribution will be used to pay for GoGetFunding fees and operating expenses.

We will manually invest your money in over 20 different P2P lending platforms as the proof of concept needed to get our first Venture Capital / Angel investment in SAVI!

EXAMPLE: if you contribute £10,000, we'll invest for you £9,000, and in about 1 year, you can expect to receive back from us approximately £10,035*


* We do not guarantee the actual return that all the platforms can deliver in 1 year.



Everyone who contributes via our crowdfunding campaign gets:

1) SAVI T-SHIRT for people who contributed more than £200 and who want to share about us in their social network (let's get in contact, we have some creative ideas for sharing the word about SAVI).

2) SAVI ART Debit Card - 1 of 30,000 designer cards created in collaboration with 30 artists who support the mission of SAVI

3) SAVI Top Monthly Plan Lifetime FREE

4) NO-FEE LIFETIME FOR INVESTING + VIP ACCESS TO AN UPCOMING SALE OF DIGITAL ART. The owners of the digital art created by the 30 artists will get GET EXCLUSIVE NO-FEE LIFETIME FOR INVESTING - MAXIMUM YIELD FOR EARLY ADOPTERS. Digital art will be a Non-fungible ownership token delivered by email with an option to be transferred and verifiable on the blockchain. This will entitle owners to 50% revenue share from all art sales in the form of framed prints that support SAVI's mission.

(check the Rewards details below)


1) Your support for the SAVI mission

2) Tiny amount to support operations

3) Verification that the SAVI App is needed so we can keep on building

4) One step closer to the needed Venture Capital investment needed for the launch


* You can get £500 in premium app usage features if you watched the "SAVI App in action" video above. Just visit our website to complete the survey & get £500 in premium app usage features when the app becomes available to you - click here to visit the landing page and see the details.

** Should you consider becoming an Angel Investor in SAVI or know someone who would be intrigued, I would really love to expand the story and share the investor deck. We could meet for a video talk, and I can share much more details and how I arrived at this point in time, and how this will be achieved. Let's connect on LinkedIn too for regular updates -

*** Rewards available in the countries we launch (The UK is our initial market)



If you contributed more than £200 and want to help us share the mission of SAVI - you should send us an email - marketing at - During the initiative, you will need to share a video or picture of yourself with the SAVI T-SHIRT on your social media platforms to promote our mission, the SAVI App, and our hashtag - BeTheBANK. We’ll share more details by email.


Get 1 of 30,000 SAVI ART Debit Card for FREE. 30,000 designer debit cards will be created in collaboration with 30 artists who support the mission of SAVI. The first 30,000 early SAVI supporters will each receive a special SAVI debit card, celebrating our company launch when we\\\'re ready to welcome the first app users and send your new debit card. This reward gives you 1 SAVI ART Debit Card if you contributed ANY AMOUNT. Available when we launch and if you have access to a SAVI account.


Get your donation back in the form of a LIFETIME FREE HIGHEST-PAID MONTHLY PLAN in the SAVI App. This reward will be available when we launch to everyone who contributes to this campaign and is not anonymous. This reward gives you SAVI Top Monthly Plan Lifetime FREE for donating £1,000 and more. Available when we launch and if you have access to a SAVI account.


Get LIFETIME NO FEE for investing with the SAVI App and a private invitation to purchase 1 of the 30 unique pieces of digital art created for SAVI early-adopter debit cards by the 30 different artists in this collaboration. Owning this digital art will entitle you to the following benefits: 1) EXCLUSIVE EARLY ADOPTER MAXIMUM YIELD - 30 owners of SAVI ART unlock NO FEE LIFETIME FOR INVESTING through SAVI. 2) Owning 1 piece of digital art entitles you to a 50 percent revenue share from the ongoing sale of framed prints of this art piece! SAVI, the artists, and everyone engaged will promote ongoing sales of the 30 pieces of art in this collaboration with 30 different artists. This reward gives you EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO SALE OF DIGITAL ART & LIFETIME NO FEE FOR INVESTING THROUGH SAVEI for donating 2,000 pounds and more. Available when we launch and if you have access to a SAVI account.



Founder of SAVI -

Founder of SAVI -



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